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No More Holidays To Turkey

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webbo3 | 18:59 Fri 02nd Feb 2024 | News
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The Home Office has concluded it would be unsafe to return Turkish nationals to their place of birth

Rishi Sunak's bid to stop Channel crossing migrants reaching British shores has suffered yet another blow after Home Office officials declared Turkey was not a safe country amid human rights concerns.

I thought Turkey was a holiday destination a surgery destination and a holiday home destination, better let the travel agents know its unsafe.




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Holidays and surgery rarely involve human rights, but you're right, people should be made aware when booking.

Just look at Tunisia 

You forgot to mention the earthquakes.  

A friend of mine went on holiday to Turkey back in the 90's. One day, for a change, they said they would go and stroll round a mountain village. They found this lovely scenic little place with great views and were just ambling down the street past a house, when the front door burst open, a guy dragged a small squealing goat out onto the floor and slit it's throat wide open right in front of him and the blood splashed out all over his legs and his shorts. Other epeople then appeared and started chantingbecause it was Ramadan and was something to do with that. No apologies, no offers of a clean up. He had to get back to his car and clean it off as best he could with a bottle of water. For a happy holiday, visit Turkey, but don't go when it's Ramadan!

My holiday is booked in June, and I am definitely going.

Any luck, we may have a sensible government then too.


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I wouldn't bother, the home office has said its unsafe. ^

I'll send you a postcard you wimp 😀

You've no chance of a sensible government in turkey,try kos a much better holiday destination.

Going on holiday anywhere carries a risk factor. But I think the risk is growing.

I spent a weekend in Istanbul in the mid-70s.  Just before we went, something happened in the political arena (I can't remember what it was) and martial law was declared out there. We still went, and apart from armed militia at the airport and railway stations we were never bothered. Islam may have its "faults" but the architecture is awesome, and we found all the residents friendly and charming.

Drat!  I was hoping  to go there next year!

10 Clarion St. @ 20.46.  That happened to me when I was teaching in mid-Halifax.  Well, sort of.  This poor goat shot out of a back yard, blood was dripping from a botched sacrificial swipe, and into the school playground.  It took several members of staff to stop the knife-wielder completing his sacriifice and then sorting out veterinary help etc. etc..  This was in the 1980s.

makes you wonder who is actually in charge, it's not the pm, he gets over ridden by the whitehall blob, and the courts, laws to protect seem to have gotten out of control, like the guy in the news now they are searching for, due for deportation, gets to stay although he's a perv and now an acid thrower...somebodys head should roll..

Why aren't you here andy?

I will not go whilst President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is in charge.  Shame because it is a fascinating country with some beautiful landscapes and scenery

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No More Holidays To Turkey

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