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Never Mind The Usual Dance

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douglas9401 | 15:45 Sat 03rd Feb 2024 | News
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Here's the same old song. I hope to be proved wrong but once the tables and bunting have been packed away I'm sure we'll get down to what they like to call business and the whole thing will go back to being a bun fight for the workshy and a nice wee earner for the faithful.



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It's been a nice wee earner for the last 2 years!

It's a good day for N Ireland.

Speaking as one who was watching proceedings.

What a sad, sad individual is the TUV's Jim Allister. As his erstwhile DUP colleague said: "a political failure"

You won't know what I'm talking about as perhaps you're only here no doubt to make smart Alec comments.

I am unsure whether this isxa smart Alec comment or not. Its really hard for people outside of ni to grasp wtaf the problem is, but I'm hoping that as they are probably electing two women, an harmonious way forward will be found

Yes Michelle O'Neill and Emma Little-Pengelly and lots of women in the executive.

Its been a shameful last 23 months  but we can either wring our hands and stamp our feet or get on with it.

I'll give it until about August.

I am unsure whether this isxa smart Alec comment or not. 

o god AB full face

yes I hope they get on with the job  in hand - governing  their country. We have had the  example ( Sturgeon) where they take the eye off the barl

small  countries the size of Liverpool and Mancehster together - I wdnt have ANY ( OK perhaps Andy Burnham but it  has to  be a good day) elected official in charge

(this isnt too rich a thought is it? comparing a small  country ( pop 5-6m) with a english regional area of 5-6 m. Think see scanners

"(this isnt too rich a thought is it? comparing a small  country ( pop 5-6m) with a english regional area of 5-6 m. Think see scanners"

The population of NI is about 1.8m (similar to the combined population of the five largest of the 32 London Boroughs and less than the combined population of Birmingham and Leeds).

"I am unsure whether this isxa smart Alec comment or not.

No it isn't. The NI Assembly has been suspended for almost ten years of its 25 year existence. Each resumption is billed as a "new beginning for Northern Ireland". But there is nothing new about any of the resumptions. They will occur continually because the Assembly is founded on a flawed model which requires "power sharing" between two fundamentally opposed factions. When one or other of them gets the hump, the entire shooting match collapses. It's rather like the Westminster Parliament being suspended whenever the Conservatives and Labour disagree. In fact it's worse than that because at least neither of those parties seek the political destruction of the very nation in whose assembly they sit. 

I may be wrong with my prediction but one thing is certain - he NI Assembly will continue to be suspended repeatedly and in the not too distant future that suspension will be the last it suffers.  

oops my bad

it is the oirish republic that has 5m -  thx

It's shameful that they all managed to have a nice long holiday on full pay.

People go nuts when there's a train strike for three days, but we're all expected to applaud these *** when they go back to work after two? years.

that's democracy, I suppose. If I elect someone to sit around doing nothing for years on full pay, and you elect a different person to do the same, well, there we are.

We didn't though did we. We elected them to work for us, and they neglected that duty.

Unfortunately they're the ones that decide what and when they get paid. If we could just change that, I guarantee this would never happen again.

The power of not being able to pay the mortgage is incredible. It solves all insurmountable political problems magically, within a month.

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On reflection there's no need for us all to get in a right paddy over this farce.

Sorry not going to bite on this one,Duggie.Everyone on this site know what i think about SNP/SinnFein/IRA.

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Never Mind The Usual Dance

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