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So Where's All This Snow We Were Promised?

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dave50 | 09:45 Thu 08th Feb 2024 | News
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Just as i expected, a damp squib. Oh dear, no weather to blame on climate change today.



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Here in NI

Usual scare tactics? Another damp day here in the W. Mids. We have had NO snow (yet) this winter.

"We have had NO snow (yet) this winter."

That's because of Climate Change  - or Brexit.


The usual ostriches making their little jokes. 

You were hoping for a whiteout ?

(Or is that term too racist ?)

Well we have had snow several times but don't let that stop your rants Daves


No - weather forecasting doesn't work like that.

Lucky you Helen! I don't mind a bit or even a lot of snow - it makes a change. But do they really need to put out amber alerts for what is a normal occurrence in winter. 

You shouldn't read that alarmist climate change rag The Express 😀

We haven't got it and it isn't in our pockets. 😀

No balls then 😔

I've got a full spray can left over from Chistmas if you want it, but with postage charges?

Opps Christmas

It's been snowing since about 8 o'clock this morning in our part of West Yorkshire.  

Just logged on to my 365 account to check how my horses have done at Donny. Called off just as the jocks were mounting for the first race. That's where all the bleddy snow is, dave50😞

We have big, fluffy flakes falling in Blackpool.

They won't stick, though; everywhere is too salty. 😞

Not a flake here, apart from the odd locals.






Wet and slushy York


“The usual ostriches making their little jokes.”

At the risk of derailing the thread, the myth is that ostriches bury their heads in the sand when they are scared (and it is only a myth, because they don’t). It has been used to describe humans who cannot or will not face up to what’s happening around them.

So, for the record: I have no doubt that the climate is changing; I also have no doubt that it always has and it always will;  I’m not sure whether the current significant changes are entirely due to man’s activity or not and I don’t particularly care. What I do care about is that this country (along with many others) is impoverishing its people, destroying its economy and ruining its businesses in order to chase something that is completely unachievable and, even if it could be achieved, is utterly pointless.

Efforts have been made to “control the climate” for many years now. They have all failed, as this item in today’s news demonstrates:

Instead of imposing charges on people in order to reach “net zero” the government would do better to simply mitigate the effects of climate change in the UK. This won’t be particularly onerous. The country  enjoys a moist temperate climate and continues to do so. The mean average surface air temperature has risen by about 0.75 degrees C  in the past 100 years. If the government can only react to this by describing it as an "emergency" and by putting pictures of uncontrollable forest fires on the telly every time it doesn’t rain for a fortnight in July, they need to keep out of the argument altogether. All they’re doing is frightening gullible people.

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So Where's All This Snow We Were Promised?

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