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I’ve Commented On Here Before How Appalling Some Country’s Legal Systems Are

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Hymie | 08:54 Sat 10th Feb 2024 | News
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This guy has been in jail for 12 years for stealing a mobile phone.



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There have been many cases of people detained far beyond what most would think was a fair sentence.

I recall one some years ago when an underage youth was found guilty of manslaughter when he engaged in a teenage brawl and his oppo died. Because he was underage he was detained "at her Majesty's pleasure" and was still in jail 30 years later!

Summat needs to be done.


Yes...did you lobby/post on AB at the time that that right wing crew of Blair, Brown and Blunkett who were responsible for IPPs being introduced?

As an aside but relevant to this case,

"a psychiatrist had told them he should be released into an outside hospital and stated that his symptoms, which included auditory and visual hallucinations, had been caused"

How does a psychiatrist actually prove a person is suffering from these symptoms?

The issue here is the authorities demanding something of the prisoner yet failing to provide access to it at all of their gaols. Sounds like an abuse of human rights to me. They need to extract their digit immediately.


But the initial incarceration was down to his serial offences so he holds some responsibility for getting into that state.

Question Author

In many countries around the world, I could murder someone and serve less than half his jail time.

There's no justice, only revenge.

Some might say the work ethic and honesty are lacking at the ministry too.

And on the hand,there are many people that haven't been robbed,or worse,because mr lightfingers is behind bars.

It has to be recognised that this was not simply theft - it was robbery. And not for the first time by this offender, it seems. More than that, we don't have the details of the sentencing reasons or of the particular offence that led to it (other than "There was no weapon used in that street robbery and there was no violence"). So that's alright then. And apart from that, the definition of robbery requires the use of force or imposing the fear of force and I doubt he would have been convicted had that not been the case.

"Ms White said her brother, who had been binge-drinking before he stole a phone from two Christian missionaries in Manchester, was "not a dangerous offender"."

I would disagree. He already had a number of previous convictions for theft, had graduated to street robbery whilst drunk, and it is but a small step from there to using violence if anybody resisted him.

Personally, as a founder member of the "hang 'em and flog 'em" brigade, I have no qualms about this. Street robbery, even without weapons, is a fearful experience to expose anybody to. Those committing it should be dealt with very harshly. I accept this seems a trifle over the top (again, for reasons that are not fully explained). But there seems little doubt that this creature would have continued to offend, probably in the same vein, had he been relased much sooner and would probably have been back inside on and off anyway. It's a bit unfortunate that he has been on the wrong end of a somewhat harsh sentence but at least it's provided the public with an extended respite from his odious activities.

that damn brexit!

Yet three months for assaulting a bus driver.

Yes, damn Brexit.  EU would never have allowed it would they.

But hold on- 2008?

We don't have all the details around why he hasn't been able to access the service he needed.

 I hope someone can look at the case and get it progressed.

He looks OK but is a MONSTER !

it is not the legal system but a new gadget for judges to use - the "if you dont behave, you dont get out" rule (*)

now abandoned as the results see above are AWFUL. Incredz parliament did NOT undo the measure and substitute a fixed term. So a very few indeterminate terms..... are still there.

(*) so during his time he killa-clawed a prison officer, and got a longer term, and then not having learnt, disrupted a meal, and got a longer term, and then picked a fight with another prisoner and got a further term....( this is a fr'instance - but they 'earn' further terms whilst 'in')

phew lucky someone knows the law on this

^2008 was when IPPs were introduced. I know this case was from 2012. 

I'm surprised no-one has taken this to the ECHR

oh 3000 still in

indeterminate terms have been abandoned but there are still those whowere sentenced - -  languishing....

Such a shame he looks so angelic.

Some countries have horrific sentences.The Houthi rebels have just senteced several homosexuals to be publicly executed. Some stoned to death and the others crucified. 

Don't do the crime and you won't do the time - simples.  No sympathy for anyone who commits crime then bleats about the sentence they get.  

It seems he was given an IPP because of his last conviction together with his previous convictions, so I am not sure it is correct to say it was just for nicking a mobile phone. 


New Judge knows far more about this type of thing than me tho. 

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I’ve Commented On Here Before How Appalling Some Country’s Legal Systems Are

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