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worse by far than anything corbyn ever said... where is the outrage?

he has apologised. nevertheless, he probably echoes sentiments expressed by many (especially but not confined to the young left) who are convinced that 7/10 was a false flag operation and those who "died" were actors.

The accepted wisdom is that the 7th October attack was a huge intelligence failure by Israel. Massive incompetence made the attack possible, not submission.

The conspiracy theory that the attack was permitted to save Netanyahu's failing career, is rife in muslim and Arab countries, so it is hardly surprising that some British residents believe it, and probably many Rochdale ones. I doubt it will do any damage at the polls, and will sit better with the voters than the 'official' Labour policy on Gaza.


I know people look at the war in Gaza from all angles but this is the first I've heard of this one.  Just shaking my head really.

Question Author

it's common among the hamas fan boys of the left naomi.

No doubt there were intelligence shortcomings but to say it was allowed to happen is fanciful.

Like the losses taken to keep the breaking of the Enigma coding machine from the Nazis for example?

Entirely different Douglas. But then you know that dont you.

And lucky they did otherwise you would be spouting your drivel in German.

this by-election is rather cursed - 

Labour stuck with a conspiracist they can't deselect. Greens disowned their candidate for attacks on Islam. Reform candidate sent sexts to a teen. Galloway marauding around like the thug he is.

what has Rochdale done to deserve such awful candidates?

Thanks for the input, Jonesy.

Apologised, but allowed to stay.  How's the war on antisemitism going, Keir?

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Another Labour Nasty......

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