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They Just Can't Help It Can They?

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ToraToraTora | 19:20 Tue 13th Feb 2024 | News
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Sir Beer has claimed repeatedly that he has cleaned the anti semitism out of the party. It seems that it needs a deep clean Rodders!



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The way this is going they will run out of candidates.

It always makes me laugh when TTT tries to debate with the grown ups and they alll ignore his drivel. (TTT from earlier today: OK I have modified it a tad)

My go is: godders rodders, you need a few plodders !

( er and not middle east firbrands)

Oh lardy dah


Question Author

go and play with the traffic PP the grown ups are talking and BTW make up your own material.

'Material'? Perlease etc.

Is criticism of Israel now considered anti-semitic by the leadership of the Labour Party?

What happened to free speech ? Shut up piggy, well I said it!

Question Author

piggy, free speech does not mean free of consequences.

It has to be the right kind of free speech, vetted and focus-grouped.

Oh dear, Keir.  And it was all going, ahem, so well.

all this kier flip flopping will be brought up during the election. labour are a nest of vipers, you cannot trust them, and kier proves it, just think of the lady penis debacle, anything to get the fringe vote, it's disgusting and weird...i can just see it, a ladyman in tight leggings...point kier at it, then ask him again.

Maggie's legacy - Golder's Green, Finchley & Stamford Hill

then Leeds, Chapeltown & Moortown

Manchester - Sedgley Park, Prestwich

Brummieland - Walsall and Solihull

The Gorbals.....


Of course he is free to say it, he hasnt been arrested.

But, with free speech one must accept there are consequenecs and when seeking election on behalf of a Party one must be seen to be towing the lines especially on certain topics.  It's all about image and is the same for anyone working for any company.

This does make it look like labour still has some work to do on anti semitsm hence labour backing away from him.  

I have always told my teams at work we need to "manage the message".  He should heed this.


israel is a country that has undoubtedly committed war crimes and may well be found to have committed genocide... it maintains an illegal occupation of the west bank and the gaza strip. it should absolutely be illegal for british citizens to volunteer for an army like that. that's not anti-semitism.

Check out 18.57 , it appears nations are commenting on Israel's behaviour towards Gaza, anti semitism is different . 

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They Just Can't Help It Can They?

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