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Hymie | 17:59 Fri 16th Feb 2024 | News
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If I wrote to my bank and informed them that basically they were not fit for purpose and threaten to sue them – I would think it quite reasonable that they told me to sling my hook and look elsewhere for banking facilities.


Why the hell doe this complete fool think he should be treated differently – this bank need to appoint me as CEO for a day (I would do it for free), and publically tell the fool a few home truths and close all his accounts.



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So you end up being forced to resign too ?


For a fool-in-chief he achieves more that most linked to in posts here.

Hymie, you're too busy posting rubbish videos here to be CEO of anything.

Oh, I thought you were talking about the Grand Farage Plan for the Tory Party. Reading between the lines on the World at One, it would be:

2024: Continue to split the Tory vote with the Respect Party

Late 2024: Tories lose to Labour

2024-29: Labour government

2026/27: merger of Respect into the Tory Party and Farage placed into a Tory safe seat

2027/28: Farage as Tory leader

2029: Farage sweeps into power as the Tory PM, aged 65 and having been an MP for only two or three years

It's just a matter of principle Hymie - you wouldn't understand.

With respect, Ellipsis, don't you mean Reform UK rather than Respect?

Ah, yes, thank you! Freudian slip ... 

If the plan worked it'd be a better result than most other possibilities. Of course if Rice got in at the next GE that'd speed things up considerably; and the main parties would have more incentive to sort their ideas out sooner.

Just read somewhere that Farage wasnt the biggest Brexiteer in Britain,Mick Lynch of the RMT union was.Anyone know about the truth of this?

The anagram of 'Hymie - Nigel Farage, fool-in-chief' is:

'Meagerly if fine, Chief Hooligan'.

Question Author

Mick Lynch (of the RMT union) supported Brexit, as did the RTM union which encouraged its members to vote for Brexit.  Lynch (and the RMT union) took this stance believing that re-nationalisation of the railways was impossible with us being members of the EU.

He also said that Brexit would protect workers’ rights (how wrong can you be?).

Hymie  - You've got this the wrong way round - in your haste to have a pop at Mr Farage, you appear to have got the story wrong.

It was Nat West who behaved utterly unethically by closing Mr Farage's account for no reason other than that disliked his politics.

When he rightly exposed them, the chief exec and a senior official were forced to resign.

Mr Farage is again, quite rightly, demanding compensation, and the bank is trying to wriggle out of paying.

So in this instance they are not fit for purpose, and they have invited the legal action against them.

In Mr Farage's position, I would do exactly the same.

I trust this answers your questions.

Farage is one of the most clued up individuals in politics and is certainly no fool hes the sort of person who could save this country from the direction in which is it headed

Question Author

Farage is just a charlatan who is only interested in one thing (himself) – pity all of you he has taken in, believing what this grifter says.

Naomi 17.29. Hymie , you're too busy posting rubbish videos here to be CEO of anything .Hymie in your eyes may post rubbish videos .But you talk it.

Hymie - // – pity all of you he has taken in, believing what this grifter says. //

How am I 'taken in'?

You have raised a specific instance where a major financial institution has broken its own rules in order to enforce its own political bias on one of its customers.

The customer has exposed their wrongdoing, and their Chief Executive and a senior official have been forced to resign.

Mr Farage has simply pointed out that he will not be allowing Nat West to teflon away from its responsibility, moral, ethical, legal and financial, to pay appropriate compensation for its actions.

On this occasion, what Mr Farage has said, and is saying, is entirely the truth, no 'taking in' involved at all.

If you want to have another of your tedious pointless pops and people you don't like, try and find an instance where they are not entirely in the right, and then you won't look foolish when your argument is dismantled in front of you.

22.06 There you go then Hymie. You have been called out.

Question Author

Take a listen to the idiot Farage rant about the FCA report, in which he says he did not know whether to laugh or cry – I do ha, ha, ha.




Mr Farage is no fool and has worked and understands business and finance. I doubt he needs a mate called phil to lead him by the reigns in the real world because he is mature enough to think for himself. I am sure in the near future he will successfully litigate against Coutts and Nat West if that he wants to do whereas you are too asinine to open a piggy bank without your mate Phil's tutorial video.

Question Author

Farage was an arch-Brexiteer, saying that he would leave the country if it failed.


Having now admitted Brexit has failed, it is nothing to this fool that he has help inflict so much damage on the UK economy - you aren’t going to get an apology from him, and he isn’t going to leave the country.


He will just spout off at the next social issue, offering some nonsense unworkable solution and complain bitterly when there is no attempt by authorities to do what he says.


To give this man any power would be more disastrous than bringing back Boris Johnson.

//Having now admitted Brexit has failed...//

You forgot to mention that he added this, Hymie:

“What Brexit has proved, I'm afraid, is that our politicians are about as useless as the commissioners in Brussels. We've mismanaged this totally,” 


With so many enemies within blocking progress at every opportunity it hasn't been an easy task so perhaps the answer is to make him Prime Minister and give him the opportunity to kick the detractors into touch and manage Brexit as it should have been managed.  

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