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gulliver1 | 13:35 Sat 17th Feb 2024 | News
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As the dust  begins to settle.  Conservative voters are so angry  disillusioned,and humiliated  after losing two bye bye elections and making them the "Champion by election Losers" since WW2. They Are so desperate they are begging for Boris to replace Sunak as PM ..I think it's a good idea. and make Liz Truss Chancellor at the same time.🤣lol.




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I sense fear among the Labour party and their supporters. The spectre of Kinnochio celebrating "victory" in 1992 looms large. The polls are great yet they know that a world record swing is needed to overturn the Tory majority. The multiple by election bouys the mood yet the undeniable knowledge that by elections usually revert injects a slug of fear. We are miles ahead how can we lose? Yet mini crises emerge like a cruel game of Whack a mole. Doubt creeps in can we lose from here is that possible. Why in our 124 year existance have we been in power only 24 years? Is there something we are missing? How can the Tories have been in power for 70 of those years?

What is the world record compared to the record for a UK gener

Try again...What is the world record compared to the record for the swing in a UK general election? 

//They Are so desperate they are begging for Boris to replace Sunak as PM//


Who are 'they' - and where did that information come from?

Question Author

It appears that hundreds of Con voters who felt so humiliated after Labour WON Both By elections, they have rediscovered the  Campaign to bring back boris  as they are so upset with Sunak. For letting them down. Surely these supporters didn't   expect to win these two by elections.  Did they.

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Naomi 13.51"Who are they" Answer,,, Disappointed Tory voters.

Where did my information come from.Answer ,,Hymies Book.

Gulliver, I jad no idea this petition was up and running.  You're a great advert for Boris.  Well done.,funds%20and%20spread%20your%20messages.


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Cant wait for Boris to become PM.  No riding on the back of Brexit for him this time......Brexit will cost him the  vote at the Next GE

Now knowing the damage Brexit has done to the UK .

A classic case of shooting oneself in the foot

Have you signed, gulliver?

labour is full of anti semites, gulliver must approve, so keen for them to take power, or it's just a dig at uk politics, mostly brexit possibly.. a vote for labour is a vote for anti semitism.

just a thought perhaps he sent a love letter to boris and never got a reply, thus the obsession with boris, i have went back and read most of the gulls posts, not brexit, but boris ermmm ok, then he flipped it to the tories as a whole, even when some were anti brexit...oh dear, all will be roses in the garden if labour win the election eh.. can't bash boris

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Knowing Boris. He will not be too keen as  returning as the Con PM .

He was in his Glory at winning the last GE. But when he loses the next one that is if he comes back to lose it .Then it will be the Ditch for him.

Have you signed the petition, Gulliver?  You know how you're longing for him to come back.  You said so.

As i said previously gulliver ,me and yours hopes of replacing the Tories in Westminster and the SNPers at Holyrood might be counting our chickens before they are hatched?

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Naomi 14.20 "Have you signed gulliver" You bet I have, although I had to join the Con party to do so.Money well spent.  History repeating itself on AB , me old china. 🤣



Gulliver's telling porkies ...


Liar liar pants on fire

Question Author

Naomi @ 14.20 You asked me if I had signed.Then once again @ 17.30 You asked me if I had signed. Have you got an issue with this ? Read my reply @ 17.38....

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