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I think I am right in saying that in 1992 John Major polled the biggest popular vote in UK history. However I am not sure that is going to be of much comfort to the present government. The stay-at-homes, many of them, are likely to do that in large numbers.

Oh dear, thats like the kiss of death.

Why cant some people keep quiet, and ys it happens on all sides.

Just about everyone is predicting a victory for Labour (excluding though, on this occasion the leader of the Opposition). Not just Kinnock.

Yes Ick, but when you have done what he did it really is best to keep schtum.

Plus there was that image of him tripping in the sea on loop.


if the 1992 election had gone differently then this country would be a better place... we would have been spared the worst elements of blair and still had the good ones.

Hmm, not sure I am following the logic there. I mean, yes, it's quite ironic perhaps, but the situation in the polls is somewhat different now.

The point about the popular vote I think is relevant: because guess what, it follows that come 1997, Blair actually polled less well than Major had done, implying that a lot of normally Tory voters did what they had done in by-elections, and simply didn't vote. The idea that there are legions of Tory voters who couldn't be bothered, but will magically turn out and "do the right thing" come the day of a GE, is ... optimistic I'd say.

That was answering ymb

In 1992 the catastrophe that befell the Tories - similar to the Truss debacle of 2022 - was still waiting to happen with Black Monday. Despite the polls then, John Major appeared 100% confident he would win: touring the country on his soapbox. It was a winning tactic.

Slightly off-topic, but close enough - Kinnock making another fool of himself ...

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Kinnochio Thinks Labour Will Win......what Could Go Wrong?

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