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Who Is Actually Still Voting For The Conservatives?

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Hymie | 23:54 Mon 19th Feb 2024 | News
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Hi me, nice to see this thread of yours is free from the usual abuse you attract

We won't know until the next election.

Didnt have you down as a Tory voter,PP.

Not me.

they have polled less than 30% and often less than 25% in every poll conducted this year.... obviously we should never take individual polls at face value but every single one is quite something!! 

i hope they are obliterated. one of the two big parties needs to die for the UK to improve... the two party system is absolutely stifling us and the two parties prop each other up... now would be an excellent time for the conservative party to die out

It doesn't matter for me as we will get the Tory anyway. I won't be voting (ever) but if I did it would be anything but Labour.

@05.30.So who would Tory voters like PP vote for Untitled?The only alternative to the Tories would be a even more right-wing party,same with Labour voters,probably the only alternative to the Labour Party would be some sort of Corbynist style party.

Miffy you're talking nonsense again....PP isn't a Tory and hasn't said he is here 

I think miffy took PP's "Hi me" as his reply to "Who is still voting Tory" rather than "Hymie" referring to the OP.

Some people get confused by PP's utterances 🙄

@06.32.Are you surprised.Peter seems to live in his own little universe.

i actually think this country would benefit from an ideologically conservative party ynna... and also from a credibly left wing party which would need to emerge in response. at present neither party leadership really believes in anything at all and the country is stagnating.

Both main parties are so internally fractured in their beliefs that it's a wonder they don't disintegrate. Just held together by fear and self-interest.

Probably not - but I won’t be voting Labour or LibDem, that's for sure.  

No one is, there is no proper Conservative Party just a bunch of TINO's.

Trouble is the nightmare that is the  current opposition,   I have voted conservative my whole life but right now I really don't know.  My only consolation is Edgbaston despite it's wealthy reputation  has been a Labour seat since I have lived here, ( a few deprived patches tip the balance) so my vote has no impact.

I'm a bit like that, Rowan.  My area will remain Conservative regardless of my vote.  

I guess there is an argument  for voting reform, if so a mixed system with a percentage of seats apportioned in line with the overall nations figures, and the rest reflecting fewer larger constituencies,  at least  the 'ineffective votes' like ours would go towards electing someone from the party we prefer.

I'll vote for the TINOs rather than the LINOs.

Have you signed the 'Bring Back Boris' petition, TTT - and are you still a party member?

Don't think where I live East Devon has ever been anything but Conservative.  This time they are changing the boundaries so it may possibly change as they are putting us with part of Exeter.  Last election was close as Independent candidate came close, the thing that stopped her getting in was that she said that she would have tried to take us back into the EU and that stopped quite a few from voting for her.

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Who Is Actually Still Voting For The Conservatives?

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