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Cretins.  Absolutely disgusting.

I don't know why there's a statue there in the first place but if there's an opportunity, then someone will take it. 

Hopefully the Sir Nicholas Winton memorials wont be attacked by the anti-semitic rabble next.I wouldnt put it past them.

If you think a sticker is bad (which it is), please read Douglas Murray here;


Amy winehouse frequented Camden market and certain licensed premises regularly when she was alive

Her statue is there 10cs because it stands in Stables Market near where she lived in the last years of her life.

someone put a "bring the hostages home" dogtag on the statue as well a few weeks ago... 

did amy winehouse ever make any statements on the israel/palestine issue? i am not aware of any if so... in the absence of any such information we don't know how she would feel

the spectator link has a paywall, but the little that was there says it - Of course some people said then – as they always do – that it would be wrong to jeopardise a trial or tar a whole community. This despite the fact that when Jo Cox was also brutally murdered nobody had any problem describing her killer’s foul ideology, or of tarring all Brexit voters with her murder. Anyhow, the killer’s trial came and went and nobody has had anything more to say after it than they did the day after his murder, case of social cohesion, diversity makes us stronger, it certianly does not, quite the opposite and getting worse.

wonder how many palestinians will get a statue in their memory.

Sorry fender, I didn't realoze the pay wall applied, here are the closing paragraphs of the article.

("Freer" is discussed earlier, the MP who has resigned after awful pressure to him and his family from Islamic extremists.)

'....Although I know it is a darn fool position to stand up for someone more than they appear willing to stand up for themselves, let me make an observation. The people targeting Freer are Muslim extremists. It is possible that they include some far-left anti-Israel lunatics. But generally when it comes to the violent bit it’s going to be the Islamists. Yet even now neither Freer nor our political class in general seem willing to make such obvious observations. You get an idea why whenever you see them interviewed.

Last week we also learned of the case of Abdul Ezedi, the 35-year-old suspected of carrying out an alkali attack on a mother and her daughters in Clapham. Newsnight ran a segment on this particular form of cultural enrichment with the Conservative MP Caroline Nokes as a guest. Asked to comment on Ezedi’s asylum status, Nokes announced grandly that she thought it ‘wrong to comment on that’. She proceeded to talk about the risk of ‘microaggressions against women’.

Similarly, in an interview with Trevor Phillips, the Education Secretary Gillian Keegan was asked how it was possible that someone turned down twice for asylum, who had already committed more than one sexual offence, had then been granted refugee status? And what was Keegan’s answer? ‘This is not really about asylum.’

Of course it isn’t. It never is. Just like violence is never about Islamism. We live in a society where people seem utterly incapable of identifying problems in front of them.

I experienced a touch of this myself this week. Last Sunday I was due to speak to a capacity audience at the Apollo Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue. The event was a fund-raiser for an Israeli university which lost a number of its students on 7 October. A number of its other students have since re-enlisted in the army and are losing their education. So the fundraiser was to help these students back into education when the war ends.

But word got out that this was an ‘IDF fundraiser’. Various Islamists got active. Theatre staff reported that they were worried about turning up because of threats. Staff from another theatre were drafted in, but somebody leaked their emails and they were threatened in turn. On the morning of the event the theatre pulled out. They had one job – to let the show go on – and they failed. We managed to transfer to the only venue able to be secured, which was a nearby synagogue. But a bunch of Islamists kept trying to find out where the event had relocated to, and meanwhile stood outside the old theatre shouting abuse at me through a megaphone.

I had imagined that in such a situation the Metropolitan Police might be called in. That the authorities might agree that violence and intimidation cannot be rewarded. I’d have thought that in a city where you can openly call for violence against Jews, Jews might be allowed to gather to support other Jews. But no. Chased to the synagogue they were.

As I say, I remember a different Britain. A Britain where Margaret Thatcher stood in Brighton after an attempt on her life and told the world that the men of violence must not be allowed to win. But we don’t live in that society any more. We have decided that the men of violence are winning, and that we must as a result all just keep our heads down. Well that’s not my Britain, and I trust it’s not yours either.'


Douglas Murray

Khandro, it makes chilling reading, i hope the do gooders read that column, it's sickening actually, what has this country become, as he said if thatcher was in power..erm imagine churchill, heads would roll, and mass deportation would be common place.

What on earth is this country coming to?  Madness, sheer madness.

What do you make of this disturbing story?

Jewish Londoner fears his family is 'a target' after daughter's birth certificate returned from UK … via

barry1010, that was mentioned on gbnews, goes to show how deep it goes, even within government offices...needs to be rooted out, and the person sacked.

tommy39 @17:06

\\wonder how many palestinians will get a statue in their memory.//

why should they?




did amy winehouse ever make any statements on the israel/palestine issue?

that song - - they want to flatten Gaza - but I said, No, No no....

the word "antisemitism" has at this point been robbed of all meaning by political abuse... people use it to smear anyone who expresses sympathy toward the palestinians or questions the behaviour of israel's government... it is perversely exactly what right-wingers complain has happened with the word "racist" except that it is actually true

So what is your view on the 7th October terrorist attack which initiated this whole war Untitled?Do you agree with me that the terrorists should have just stayed in their beds and kept their hands blood-free?

of course i do ynna. nothing justifies the brutalities carries out by hamas on october 7th, nothing at all.

Thanks retrocop and ladybirder for the info about the statue. I still don't know why there is a statue. She was a relatively successful singer, for sure, but why a statue? I think too many statues are erected these days without much reason. Lots of them should be removed, especially the one of that Ogre Thatcher. That should be melted down and re-used as public toilets. 

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