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What An Embarrassment .

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gulliver1 | 10:48 Wed 21st Feb 2024 | News
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It's not just the British Navy aircraft carriers that are breaking down .It's the  Submarines also A Trident missile has crashed into the ocean during a test launch after being fired from a British Submarine with Grant Shapps aboard the Sub at the time.



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The Shapps stood on the Trident deckReflecting in the gloryOf folk defending us from harmAlas, the same old story
11:20 Wed 21st Feb 2024

if they worked every time there would no point in doing test firings

you are right it is pretty embarrasing.  What i dont get is why/how everyone knows.  Youd think we'd keep that kind of thing secret for just this sort of occasion.  

the problem is davebro, when you want them to work, it's pretty imperative they do!

Don't we buy the missile from the USA and put our own warheads in? That means it's the USA's fauly.

The elastic band broke. :0))))

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It's poor little Shappie I feel sorry for , bet it made him seasick.

Sunak said, The UK must look forward with pride and optimism?? That optimism just sunk :0)

The Shapps stood on the Trident deck

Reflecting in the glory

Of folk defending us from harm

Alas, the same old story

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Now if this submarine had been sailing in Clear Blue Water. The Cons would not have mentioned this embarrassment and Britain would have just carried on ruling the waves.


this sort of thing could never happen under a Labour government, could it?

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10.20 Just got to give you BA for that one Douglas.

They only get tested once in a (blue) moon due to massive defence cuts.

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It wasn't a cock up Tory language it was just an "anomaly"

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Can well imagine Schapps with his head sticking out of the

Con-ning Tower, looking skywards ..binoculars wrapped around his neck. lol

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It appears this is not the first time a missile failure, has happend with the Royal Navy's ageing nuclear weapons fleet.Hope there are no russian spy's on AB.

as long as the Russians think they might work there's no problem

Putin must be shaking like a leaf in a gale-force wind. Two successive failed tests, yet the government insist all is well.

I'm with those who believe this should have been kept 'in-house'. No point telling the world how useless we have become.

11.03. Putin is not great at stopping to think. Mad men dont do it, and the older he gets the less he cares about any outcome.

I think that's right nicebloke & it's a worry. He may be such an egotist that he thinks himself bigger than his country and his people & would start WW3 just to ensure he goes out with a bang (so to speak).

Hopefully his military might disobey🙄

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The missile was launched ,it left the submarine and just went down plop right next to the Sub .And poor old Grant in the Conning tower got wet.

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What An Embarrassment .

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