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Looking Bad For Badenoch.

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gulliver1 | 19:00 Wed 21st Feb 2024 | News
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Kemi Badenoch has been told she is walking on very very thin ice after becoming embroiled in the spat with the former chair of the Post Office.After calling him a liar.   This comes after Badenoch is facing further scrutiny after saying trade talks were still going on between Canada and the UK and they are not.



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Tomus 22.03. I Try not to think about's frightening the Tories are just harming themselves they will end up badly bruised and all black and blue.

Well they've tried white and blue as well as brown and blue so black and blue is the logical choice.

Tories of oriental heritage are said to be casting about for a winner.

Based on the posts in this thread, highlighting Badenoch’s dishonesty and duplicity – she is clearly an ideal candidate for future Tory leader.

the deleted post wasnt exactly praising - laudatory is too long for AB - and yes, she is tipped as a possible (PM)

and no I dont do 'mimsy'

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Looking Bad For Badenoch.

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