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Hymie | 09:41 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | News
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I was going to add this to Gully’s post on ‘Looking bad for Badenoch’, but it is so good it deserves its own thread.




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After watching this video. I no longer think the Tories are limping into the General election they are hobbling into it , nextstep for them will be zimmers.

Lot's of tight lipped Tories on here this morning Hymie.

No one knows what the thread is about, gulliver.  You're the only one who can be bothered with Hymie's rubbish videos.

Naomi 10.34 Hymies thread is all about the Tories and how the are going to get beaten and bruised ..Black and Blue at the GE.

Oh right.  Same old then.  Knew it wouldn't be worth watching.  :o)

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