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Yet Another Brexit Disaster – ‘Not For Eu’ Labelling

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Hymie | 18:57 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | News
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Originally only those selling produce to Northern Ireland (that would only be sold in Northern Ireland) would be required labelling ‘Not for EU’.

But now Sunak has done a deal such that all UK producers will be required to label produce ‘Not for EU’, even though they don’t sell anything into Northern Ireland.


So soon our supermarket shelves will be full of British produce, labelled ‘Not for EU’ alongside produce from such places as Spain, Portugal, France, Italy etc with no such labelling.


A recent poll has shown that 20% of UK shoppers would be less likely to buy produce labelled ‘Not for EU’.


As ever my mate Phil gives the lowdown on this latest Brexit disaster:-




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\\A recent poll has shown that 20% of UK shoppers would be less likely to buy produce labelled ‘Not for EU’.//

Where's the poll?

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Brexit brought the Tories into power ,and now Brexit will Bring the Tories out of power.

Well I look at labels on food so I can choose  grapes etc. that don't come from the EU - so it wouldn't worry me.  I never buy EU pork as a matter of principle - having seem some of the hideous concentration camps and lived  not far from an abbatoir in France.  Carcasses lying  about in the sun for  hours anyone?

Not for Eee Yoo on the packaging will not bother us one iota. It is only for them daft enough to be in the ponzi scheme. Plus it means that the EUSSR gaulitiers can spot contraband and track it down. They have placemen everywhere    ...   even here. 

Gulliver. Or will Starmers alleged bullying of the Speaker of the HOC show voters what type of person he really is?

Question Author

More on this Brexit disaster from that well known lefty 5C outfit (The Financial Times):-

Is food labelling really a Brexit "disaster"?

The FT are just reporting what a certain group has said, Hymie.  It doesn't mean the FT's economists believe it.

"gulliver Brexit brought the Tories into power ,and now Brexit will Bring the Tories out of power."  Yet another you have got wrong.

Gulliver might be wrong about Brexit taking the Tories out of power, but it definitely got them in power. The Tories have been fkn useless. That will get them out of power.

How did Brexit get them in power when they were already in power.

They weren't in power during the election. It wuz Breggsit wot dunnit yer onor.

Oh I see 10ClarionSt, you get it wrong so then you start talking in child speak.

Instead of these so-called Brexit disasters what about a few EU disasters ? 

I'll start with Schengen - do I need spell out the scale which that has had on the European continent (illegal immigrants & terrorists wandering about at large etc.) 

Then the Euro which thankfully the UK just avoided, but would be a requirement if Britain was mad enough to re-join which makes interest-rate adjustments by individual countries impossible, so this form of recovery is lost. Interest rates for all of Euroland are controlled by the European Central Bank and does not allow countries to devalue their currency in an economic downturn by adjusting their exchange rate.

I could go on !

Taint wrong. I seem to remember Let's Get Brexit Done. So they were voted in. This year will see Rishi Soonaxed.

The tories were in power before the referendum took place and have been ever since.  Lets get Brexit done was just a slogan used after the referendum to get the job done.

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Yet Another Brexit Disaster – ‘Not For Eu’ Labelling

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