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Big Ben River To The Sea

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fender62 | 20:03 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | News
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the mob have won, police did nothing, if you did, you would get your collar felt.



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About time https:
02:23 Fri 23rd Feb 2024

if you did what, shone a torch on Big Ben? Go ahead and try it, I can't say I recall anyone else doing it and having their collar felt.

perhaps Retro can help with what crime they should be charged with

I note ( er editorially) the hacks referred to the venue as the tower that has Big Ben

and not Queen Elizabeth tower

and THAT I thought was deliberate ( unlinking QEII's name with either side)

or the tower that has Big Bum in Ms Porter's case

What a fuss. I don't think anyone was hurt by a light show.

A light show projecting the words of a genocidal little ditty.

This whilst MP's were whinging about death threats if they voted the wrong way.


Aye, nothing to see here.

Some torch!  

It's time someone put their lights out.

The law is an ***.


And those making out it's about shining a light are not looking at the bigger picture. It is the incitement to destroy Israel, that is contained in the message, that is objected to.

Charles Dickens'  Mr. Bumble gets censored.

I'm not sure what the police could really do. Has a law been broken?

Well said. ^


At last, someone with the guts to tell the truth.  He'll need to watch his back.

How awful that he would need to do that.


He's certainly made himself a target for the loonies, Naomi.

He has, Ken, but what a breath of fresh air amid all the madness.  

I've just caught up with this.  Oh, well said, Mr. Jenrick!  I fear he is too late, intimidation  is well established in places, but thank goodness someone has spelled it out where it can't be hidden. 

He's a brave man.

If you like the message you'll dismiss the action as 'so what' or 'no big deal' like some ^.

My opinion is it's disgraceful, it's not about what was said it's about a message projected onto what is probaly THE icon of the UK tells the world that is what we all think.

I agree Prudie.  So disrespectful.  It brings shame on us all.

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Big Ben River To The Sea

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