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What a loony!

Oh dear, pretty boy is going to have a ring pieces the size of the Mersey tunnel by the end of the week.

I agree, should never see light of day he is a danger to all.

Weedy looking little nerd isn't he?

Hope he has soap on a rope with him.

Thank goodness this barmy incel didn't have access to firearms....beyond trying to print one out.

I hope that real attempts are made to de-programme whilst he is incarcerated and then on his release he can go about his life with less dangerous views.

"He shared his manual online - which included instructions on how to build a pipe bomb, gunpowder and plastic explosives, along with detonators and instructions on how the perpetrators could evade the police"

maybe he should have paid more attention to that last bit 🙃

Seriously, can he be altogether right in the head?

If you're thinking about engaging in terrorism it's not wise to tell the entire world about your plans.

And yet behind him , his bed and cuddly toys are visible in the photograph . 

I don't think cuddly toys mean a lot to young potential terrorists. They eventually destroy them.

Ah, so this is why my thread was removed.

nothing in his manifesto is against cuddly toys! you can want to destroy the government and replace it with city states and still enjoy going to bed with a stuffed animal. just cause you 3-d print guns doesn't mean you're gonna sleep next to one!

i actually have sympathy with a few of his ideas tbh though his murderous fantasies are clearly a result of trouble at school seeing as his college was top of the list... the comparison with the unabomber seems apt as he could well have ended up a productive and intelligent member of society instead of a wannabe terrorist. what a huge waste. 

What a loony! well wd fit in well in AB ! ter daah

Note - despite the TTT headline implying that saying he wished to kill an MP got him the slammer

in fact he did acts whicch got him into trouble - buying pre-explosives and hiding / burying him

-- answer removed --

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