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Islamophobic Or Honest Assessment?

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ToraToraTora | 14:04 Sat 24th Feb 2024 | News
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It's plain for all to see that Khan is a puppet of Islam. London is slowly becomming Londonistan.


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It is an accurate and honest assesment and time that those amongst us who know it are not castigated for stating the bleedin obvious. This week we have seen Parliament thrown into turmoil because of fear for the safety of anyone voting in a fashion that is not necessarily in their favour and a muslim mob laying siege to the HoP whilst beaming hate speech onto a...
15:04 Sat 24th Feb 2024

have a look at gbn news right now, nana akua discussing it.

Botox. The first thing Khan did was to remove adverts on the London escalators which were for Jaeger and Triumph Lingerie. The decently but scantily clad ladies were there when I was a lad and long before Khan's parents visited these shores. It has the square root of F.a. to do with thin people etc. It was done to appease his Muslim friends with which he heavily relies for his voting base.

Khan is a thieving corrupt liar . He manipulates figures to support his corrupt practises.

A little known fact was his plan to pedestrianise a large part of Oxford Street. Many Londoners objected so he said he would hold a referendom.He got his way and won the vote........Until it was pointed out that those who protested against the scheme did not get a voting slip.Westminster Council investigated and Khan claimed it was an Admin error. Democracy Pakistan style.He lost that scam.

40,000 people die in London due to traffic fumes. A huge lie.

Only one young girl was issued a death certificate stating cause of death was respiritory failure exacerbated by living next to a busy London thoroughfare. What Khan fails to say that this poor mite had severe respiratory problems from birth.

Due to mismanagement of the mayoral office he has bankrupted it despite bailouts by central government to keep Tfl running. The London Underground has long been proved to be the highest pollutant in London but Khan does nothing.

He can afford to string fairy lights across Oxford Circus and environs to appease his Muslim voting base to celebrate eide.

The only lights I recall being placed there were the lights to celebrate the Christian celebration each Christmas. They were supplied courtesy of the Oxford st/Regent St big store Traders like Gamages,Selfridges et al. Not the taxpayer

He claims to protect Londoners with his ULEZ scheme by scrapping perfectly good vehicles because they don't conform to his green credentials yet is happy to send them to Ukraine to'save lives'!

Khan and his democracy, Pakistan style, is doing nothing for the Londoners and will affect you all eventually when you will have to pay per mile just to drive your car. Meanwhile he drives his Range Rover several miles to walk his dogs in a park followed by an entourage of bodyguards in their vehicles. Similar to a third world despot. 


This is how Khan runs his public consultations on his schemes. He doesn't conveniently give the nay sayers a chance to vote. Just like his manipulated figures in the ULEZ consultation.

and if he'd said the London mayor had fallen under the control of Jews? The fury would be heard from here to Tel Aviv.

I would guess if London was controlled by a City Hall under Jewish management it would be a thriving law abiding ,financially successful and less threatening than the cess pit it is becoming. Parts of London would not be controlled by No Go zones either.

im sure lee anderson knew he would be dropped, it's going to get interesting, it has to be debated, open and without fear. the rest of the free world will be watching.

Well said, retro.

Khan, is an Islamic leader?

MODS, have any of you read this thread. Or do you in fact agree .  

Good posts Retro!  And if anyone wants to know, as I've previously asserted, why Muslims wanted Brexit, they can go to this other topic;; and check on my link at 9:35 this morning.

Just another anti Muslim thread run by the usual crew 

Redhelen72, you must have a short memory, rochdale abuse, manchester bombing and all the other atrocities by said insidious cult, you don't think thye would like the uk to be part of the great ummah, then you are deluded.

and..any debate about militant islam is stifled as racist phobe etc, we have seen the protests, we have seen the sex abuse, we have seen teachers threatened, an mp murdered...this has to be debated and not stifled.

If he'd said the London mayor had fallen under the control of Jews then the LMAO would be heard from here to Tel Aviv and everywhere else all over the globe.


I see the Tories have started to capitulate to the demands of the cry-babies.

Redhelen; I wish I could make you understand what's been going on for a long time, I genuinely do.

Even the most balanced and level-headed Charles Moore is having to point out things which many people have wished to avoid for too long. Try this article please, from today's Telegraph; 


Old_Geezer, that old chestnut social cohesion..

official statement from the party chief whip, as reported by the BBC:-

"Following his refusal to apologise for comments made yesterday, the chief whip has suspended the Conservative whip from Lee Anderson MP."

so not suspended for the comments or sentiments, per-se, but for not apologising.

Oh I understand what is going on Khandro

Don't waste your time Helen.

Khan must be the only man in public office to have taken the credit for his country's  capital's New Year fireworks display, presenting it with himself in lights high in the sky for all the world to see.  Not that his bunch footed the bill.  The man is a megalomaniac - and that's just one of his downsides.  

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