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Glass Houses Rodders.......

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ToraToraTora | 17:38 Sun 25th Feb 2024 | News
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So now we know, Labour don't like the truth about their Muslim masters.



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Well Sunak was weak for suspending him. Should've stated that he was perfectly entitled to state things as he saw them. And others are weak to be belly aching instead of debating.

by godders ! Rodders sees easy fodders in  blasting tory splodders !

what does that mean? nothing. TTT never makes sense and this is but one.

splodder is my new word for Tory on the make before they are voted out of office. such is life

I agree with OG.  Sunak was weak to capitulate to what he perceives to be a politically correct reaction.  That said, two-faced Starmer should be the last to try taking the moral high ground.

So much for free speech.

Yet another attack on a politician of Jewish ancestry by the usual far right Nazis on this site

// Keir Starmer, Opposition leader says his children are being raised 'to recognize the faith' of their Jewish grandfather's family //

In a few months when clueless Sunak and his party get decimated at the election, you will have no option but to vote for Farage/Anderson and the rest of the other deluded far right nutters.

Sad to see nowt has changed on this Tory Party imploding Forum 🙁



Question Author

Hi gromit, I knew you'd be back!

Starmer's wife has a Jewish father but what is Starmer's Jewish ancestry and if he has any, where is the evidence he is being attacked because of it?

What a sorry bunch of right wing saddoes still inhabit this pizz poor site. I will enjoy  the next few months when the Tories get their overdue comeuppance. 😀

Question Author

The GE is at least 6 months away gromit are you sure you can stay unflounced that long?

What about Starmer's Jewish ancestry and evidence he is being attacked because of it?


Who are, "the usual far right Nazis on this site"?

Maybe he meant nasties.

HaHa, Gromits still on the pop.🤣


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Glass Houses Rodders.......

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