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Truss The Tory.. Gobbing Off In America.

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gulliver1 | 13:05 Mon 26th Feb 2024 | News
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Rishi Sunak has been told to remove the whip from Liz Truss after saying in her speech in the US...That Joe Biden is asleep at the wheel and he should be kicked out of the White House. 

 ... Pot and kettle just like she was kicked out of No 10.....       



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What a disgusting title, "Gobbing Off".  Really makes this site look good eh Gullver?

Question Author

Ladybirder 12.08 I was describing a disgusting Tory Ex PM.

This idiot Truss will say and do anything in the hope of some sort of limelight. The more she spouts the bigger the fool she looks. Did she not learn from what happened to Boris?  And to think, the tax payer funds her office to arrange this spouting rubbish accross the pond. God help us me old china :0)

Punish her for simply stating what most people think - yeah, ok

I don't think Biden is asleep just at the wheel - he's asleep everywhere

//Rishi Sunak has been told to remove the whip from Liz Truss//

Told by whom - do you have a link?

Question Author

She brought the UK on  to it's knees in 44 days Kick her out of America and kick her out of UK politics, and make her join the Knit and Natter club along with the other  biddies OK.

45 days in office in the UK, and put thousands of people in debt, crashed the markets and she's spouting the way forward for the USA, what a prat. :0)

Gulliver's got it wrong again.  Apparently Labour have called for the whip to be removed.  I can't recall a time when the opposition were in a position to 'tell' the PM to do anything.   I'll leave Gulliver to provide a link.

Gully, to be honest it's you that is more suitable for the knit and natter  club than any of us old biddies on here.  Troublecs though you'd bore the club to death.  You've only one subject to natter about. 

Question Author

Truss said she wants to follow in Thatchers footsteps .Looks like she achieved that when she plunged the UK into chaos in just 44 days ,,,It took Thatcher ,,(That Ghastly Lady)  a little longer .

"I don't think Biden is asleep just at the wheel - he's asleep everywhere"

Indeed. Hopefully he is not allowed anywhere near the controls of a motor vehicle. 

I would like to ask the Editor and the mods why is Gulliver allowed to refer to females over a certain age as knit and natter biddies? It is beyond offensive. No-one else can get away with such insults.

Question Author

13.05 Why not.... they even allowed Clown Boris to drive a bus and look how he crashed out.

Question Author

12.40 Country  Lover aka Lottie I did not say"OLD"  Biddies and I did not say the biddies were on Answer Bank Stop stirring .

But if the cap fits....there you go .

everyone does - YMB called someone a bitter old man this mon=rning to not even a raised eyebrow

I did, because he attacked a poster.  But then as it was TTT I suppose your ok with that?

... Gobbing of in Spain. ...

Or Cyprus or mums attic.....

no, not at all.i'm just saying that prudie is not correct saying noone else gets away with it except gulliver, and that was one i'd just read to prove it.

Personally i think people are a bit melty if they cant handle insults on this playground level

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Truss The Tory.. Gobbing Off In America.

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