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Spoonful Of Sugar Required

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douglas9401 | 19:57 Mon 26th Feb 2024 | News
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Have to rush now, I'm going to be violently sick.




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And she doesn't even take her clothes off, not that would have impacted on the rating in today's world....

The film wasn't called Mary Popout !

Jesus Christ!

How many of todays children or young adults would know what the word means. Gawd help the younger generations if they are subjected to such idiocy. I don't even remember hearing the word in the film

It should have been given a PG rating a long time ago because of Dick Van Dyke's god-awful Cockney accent.

I was going to comment on this, but I'm lost for words.

Can't remember hearing it, yet alone know what it means!

Spoonful of sugar...and very large pinch of salt!

remember to throw in the cream, ginge.....

The world's gone mad!

Quite right too! Dreadful discrimination!

The consequences from this sort of nonsense will be far reaching and self destructive. Imagine historians of the future describing our tolerance of such foolishness. We have ourselves to blame by tolerating this folly.

I know many on this site are personally affronted when the N word is removed from films, so they'll naturally be indignant when less insulting terms are flagged as well. Somehow I think I can guess what colour all these people are.

I'd be fine if Disney removed the offending words from the soundtrack. I recall the ITV version of Lethal Weapon, with Mel Gibson saying "Let's get these funsters!" The world didn't stop.

I look forward to White Men Can't Jump being reclassified for its discriminatory title, have they never heard of Dick Fosbury??


He was a flop.

Terrible, all that blackface too. Should've made a clean sweep. 

When I last watched the Dambusters they left the N word in, I was surprised but pleased They did preceed the film with a warning which I think is the right thing to do in these cases.

Question Author

'Pleased'? In what way and why praytell?

That they had not violated the movie for PC cobras.

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Spoonful Of Sugar Required

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