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Would You Hire . . .

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Buenchico | 20:44 Tue 27th Feb 2024 | News
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. . . a business consultant who, when running his own business, had been incapable of noticing that an average of four injuries per day among his customers ought to have suggested to him that something wasn't quite right somewhere?



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Looks like they're in for the high jump

The lack of security staff should have rung alarm bells.

What kind of busy trampoline venue has no bouncers?

Question Author

^^^ You get worse, Douglas!

I admit I have my ups and downs.

When I was in a position to hire and fire (a long time ago) a reference from a previous employment was a very useful guide. The absence of, or a bad one, always tipped the balance.

So the answer to the question as asked is - very unlikely.


^^^ that in response to Douglas 

I'd be intrigued as to exactly what they might be 'consulted' about - unless it's running a business without basic safety proceedures in place.

Perhaps they offer a 'How not to do it ...' based on personal experience!!

Question Author

^^^ I was wondering about much the same too, Andy!

I spent the money we had saved for a new bed on a trampoline.

The wife hit the roof when she found out.

so the fines levied total about £45 per injury and a month's pay for each. They're quite lucky boys.

Question Author

^^^ My thinking too, Jno!

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Would You Hire . . .

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