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Why Is It A "Phobia" To Recognise What Is Happening?

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ToraToraTora | 10:38 Wed 28th Feb 2024 | News
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It's patently obvious what is happening, there is a brobdingnagian pacyderm in the room, yet anyone saying so is pilloried. I am grateful to the MPs with the guts to say what is clear to us all.



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One can not identify any Islamaphobia in the party. However there are few enough politicians willing to point out clear problems for the nation, and it isn't helpful to attack those that do for their courage in speaking out by trying to label them Islamophobes. A problem doesn't get solved by being ignored, even if it is being ignored in order to not hurt the...
22:45 Wed 28th Feb 2024

//A phobia is an excessive and irrational fear reaction.//

I don't think fear of Islamisation of the UK (& Europe & Africa) is either excessive or irrational. The consequences are too awful to contemplate.

'Pachyderm', but I see what you did there. 🙂

Question Author

...damn keyboard!

if you truly do believe that every last muslim is a threat to the UK then it follows that you want something done about them does it not? a "solution" if you will

if you truly believe what you say about muslims then "conversation" and "speaking out" are nowhere near enough... you would also need to take action at a policy level. 

that is why people object to this. if you go around classing all muslims as an enemy that must be defeated then it only really leads one way... to a very dark place indeed. witness the fate of uighur muslims or palestinians or bosniaks. it is not unprecedented and it all started like this. 

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10:13 I can do no better than to reiterate Naomi from 24/01/2024...

"When I read some of the ill-informed rhetoric posted here I truly despair.  Comparisons to Crusaders and political activists in other areas -  and the obvious answer to the violence - psychopaths who for some strange reason are far more abundant in one group than in any other - none of it is rational.  From 9/11 to 7/7, from the Taliban to Isis to Hamas, from the slaughter at the Manchester Arena to the beheading of charity worker Alan Henning, from Charlie Hebdo when thousands of 'ordinary' Muslims in Europe and elsewhere went on the rampage demanding blood, to the vicious slaughter of Lee Rigby, to Salman Rushdie, maimed for life for writing a book - to the people who sent a teacher and his family into hiding because he had the temerity to show a class a cartoon of Mohammed, to the atrocity at the Bataclan, to the women who, despite wearing western dress in normal life, thoroughly disrespect our courts by insisting on hiding under Islamic garments before our judges, to the NHS hygiene rules that are overridden to accommodate Islamic foibles, putting public health at risk, to the girl who is currently battling her school - at the taxpayers' expense - for the 'right' to ignore rules that apply to everyone else - and the people supporting her by intimidating staff and pupils alike.  All of this and much, much more have just one thing in common.  Islam.     Make excuses for this at your peril - or more correctly at the peril of those who follow you because you're old and you won’t be reaping the result of what you're sowing.  What legacy are you leaving - and are you sure it's one you want to leave?  You make a grave error in comparing Islam to other religions, and in endowing its followers with a mindset similar to your own because it's one that those indoctrinated into this regime don’t possess.  Islam is not just a religion - it is a philosophy that doesn't compromise, that is arrogant in its determination, that has no respect for outsiders, that is the most misogynistic on the planet - something its non-Islamic champions don't seem to have a problem in over-looking - and make no mistake - justification for everything it does can be found in its literature.  It governs every single aspect of life  - even to the right way to use the toilet.  I truly believe that the west is now facing a very serious crossroads - and the life Islam imposes is not one that your children and their children will ever thank you for - so just be careful what you defend - and what you wish for."

Nobody has made excuses for atrocities committed by fanatics. i do not however share your apparent view that every single adherent of islam must be considered a dangerous person (you told me on another thread once that you considered all muslims to be your enemy)... i think that sort of rhetoric only leads in one direction 

Untitled, who are you talking to?  In emotive threads like this it's important to make that clear.


Dig those heels in Untitled, hard now.

...If they got on with their lives and quietly followed their brand of fairy tales then great but they don't they want the whole world to join their warped religion and assisted by well meaning useful TROB idiots, creep enexorably closer to that every day. They may not all be extremists but they all at least tacitly work towards their goal. To a muslim their religion is no 1 so they should not be in any sort of position of power were they can affect others because their decisions will always be for what is best for Islam not the entity that they are running. Be it school, town or country. 

Naomi, considering it was a conversation between Untitled and Tora, it doesn't take too much imagination to decide who that was in response to.

Try answering the OP instead of just a dig at another poster Moz. It was a reasonable question.

Mozz, untitled's post followed something I'd written.  It needed clarifying.

The problem with the word 'phobia' is that like the term 'racist' or xenophobe' they are all used, usualy byt the far left or Metropolitan liberal elites, to shut down rational debate.

There is every reason for anyone with an ounce of sense to fear the spread of fanatical Islam.  Just look at what has happened to Iran.  And YES, it could happen here.

A phobia is what you accredit to someone in order to facilitate your own point of view and undermine theirs.
Further to that I am finding it hard to have much sympathy for the spineless politicians who for decades have pointedly ignored the plaintif concerns voiced by the ordinary citizen. Concerns regarding the criminal behaviour, intimidation, and violence perpetrated by the islamic immigrants(many many of them illegals), concerns about the forced demographic shift in huge swathes of the Country. The politicians themselves used those accurate concerns to denigrate or belittle the worried citizens into silence with smears in an attempt to silence them. Indeed "at a scheduled Parliamentary debate on the grooming gangs in February 2021, scandalously only nine MPs attended." Nine.!!

Let them live with the fear discomfort and apprehension.


I have said it before. The people who hold our freedoms dear will have to get properly organised. The ones who would destroy our way of life are. Our political two step dance is broken. We saw that only a few days ago. The two main lergacy parties that we have trusted for generations no longer deserve our trust. They have betrayed us. Reform is required and neither of them will facilitate it volutarily. Any measures that they do introduce will only be to protect themselves, and the measures will be most stringently applied to US! 

"I have said it before. The people who hold our freedoms dear will have to get properly organised. "

go on then

One can not identify any Islamaphobia in the party. However there are few enough politicians willing to point out clear problems for the nation, and it isn't helpful to attack those that do for their courage in speaking out by trying to label them Islamophobes.


A problem doesn't get solved by being ignored, even if it is being ignored in order to not hurt the feelings of a section of the public that includes those who are causing said problem.


I have no issue with the religion anyone choses to believe in,only with extremists that use their religion as an excuse to act unacceptably and immorally. When such folk taint the image of the religion they profess to be, then the main responsibility for changing that situation is with those more sane members of that same religion. If instead folk support and demonstrate on behalf of the troublemakers, even if it is only as far as demanding that their culture dominates over the culture of the nation they live in, then they are not part of the solution but part of the problem. And the nation's authorities should be reacting appropriately rather that allowing it to continue out of fear of escalating a greater disruption.

Good post, OG.

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