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Can Someone Tell Me How This Can Be Legal?

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youngmafbog | 14:58 Wed 28th Feb 2024 | News
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And would it be ok for a white only or Brown only audience?

Sounds more like segregation to me, I thought we had move on from that.



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It's woke nonsense.

The people behind this are trying to defend their appalling mix of racism and snobbery by saying that black people 'feel excluded. from live theatre.

Why not simply accept the possibility that some black people don't go to the theatre because they simply don't enjoy it.

And to answer the nonsense that black people are 'excluded', therefore we will 'include' them ... by 'excluding' white people simply makes a compete mockery of their argument.

If the theatre world wants to encourage more black people to go to the theatre, why not try actually finding out what it is that means they don't go now?

And I'm willing to bet that, regardless of the sickeningly self-aggrandaising pomposity of these idiots, it's not because they are uncomfortable 'under the white gaze'.

It may be that black people don't feel themselves represented in theatre, and would attend more shows made starring black actors.

But to make that assumption based on no apparent evidence, and then to deliberatly make a racist point in order to try and combat racism, simply defies belief.

If I were black, and interested in seeing the play, I would make a point of attending any night except the 'segregation' nights, because I don;t like racism, and I refuse to pander to some privelidged white idiots who want to use the colour of my skin to make a point that does not exist.

These people are morons.

They do not deserve the patronage of any audiences of any colour race or creed.

They should be ashamed of parading their skewed self-indulgent martydom to a cause they clearly do not begin to understand - that segregating people on the basis of their colour has been outlawed in the civilsed world for a long time.

And deliberatly bringing it back on the basis of some nonsensical assumption about black experience is not a move in the right direction.

If I owned this theatre, I would shut them down tomorrow.

it is one thing to encourage black audiences to attend and quite another to pathologize the "gaze" of whites... it does also seem like a strange thing to do when white actors will be on stage and white production crew will presumably be working on it! their white gaze is ok presumably

i don't understand what they are trying to protect black audiences from on those two nights... what are they worried that white audiences are going to do? :/ 

They've got a lot of free publicity of course, but it could well backfire.  Of course it is racist to discriminate on skin colour.

Great answer AH.

Thank you.

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Can Someone Tell Me How This Can Be Legal?

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