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Putin Warns West Against Sending Troops Into Ukraine

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naomi24 | 14:21 Thu 29th Feb 2024 | News
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//He claimed Western rhetoric threatened a "conflict with the use of nuclear arms and consequently the destruction of civilisation"


The comments appear to respond to French President Macron, who earlier this week did not rule out sending Western soldiers to Ukraine//



Your thoughts?



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he would say that wouldn't he :/ 

I think Putin would love to see "the destruction of civilisation" before he checks out himself - he's that kind of guy.

Wheeling out his trusty weapon of nuclear Armageddon. He did that on day one of the full scale invasion. 


Putin is a gangster with billions of illegally accrued funds and a huge palace. He's not going to jeopardise that by popping off a few nukes. 
We've heard these threats before and they seem to work with some. 

//Wheeling out his trusty weapon of nuclear Armageddon.//

More like a RUSTY weapon IMV!

I think we would be wise to heed his warning.

It makes no sense to heed his warning. Do that and we are lost. The "rusty" thing is maybe not so far fetched anyway. Nuclear weapons need hugely expensive maintenance and it's debatable how much of their stockpile would actually work. 
Although that is scarcely the point: we defy their threats for other reasons.

This is the same news story we've been hearing for the last 2 years.

I'm not too bothered about what Putin says, but he must be stopped. I'd prefer to see Ukraine do it by being given the weapons they need.

I don't know what repercussions there would be for the rest of us if a NATO member put troops on the ground.

les deux hommes sont vraiment fou......

my russian isn't good enough to translate that into Putain-speak.

I think we don't let ourselves be dictated to by the threats of others. He should put up or shut up.

We should join Macron and threaten to send troops...conscript all the ''refugees'' and when the refugees go home instead we can give Ukraine the daily 15 million quid spent on hotels.

We can't conscript "refugees" (aka illegal immigrants) cos they are probably untraceable and if they can be found it would be against their human rights.

Now maybe we could conscript their lawyers? Just a thought.

"President Putin said the West "provoked" the conflict in Ukraine and "continues to lie, without any embarrassment, saying that Russia allegedly intends to attack Europe"."

Blimey ! Putin must think Ukraine is in Antarctica !

He doesn't just intend, he's actually invading. But apparently doesn't know where. And you thought Biden had lost the plot.

Four countries have now come out and "not ruled out" sending military personnel to Ukraine: France, Estonia, Lithuania and the Netherlands, where an opinion poll showed nearly 50 per cent in favour: perhaps people remember MH17. Macron has expressly stated noncombatants (for now). As I said before there are already almost certainly such in Ukraine.

amazing that estonia and lithuania have not ruled it out given how vulnerable they are... 

They realise that they'll be next in line if Putin is allowed to succeed in Ukraine untitled. In that sense they've got nothing to lose by committing troops now.

"amazing that estonia and lithuania have not ruled it out given how vulnerable they are... "

That is precisely why they haven't 

Yet another Russian plane downed: Su-35 over Mariupol 

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Putin Warns West Against Sending Troops Into Ukraine

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