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The Tories Have Lost Control.

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gulliver1 | 18:15 Thu 29th Feb 2024 | News
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45,000 migrants still living in tax payer funded hotels.

"The Home office" ..excuse the spending £5.4 billion on asylum accomodation And the Tories have the nerve to say they have cut  immigration down by one third. Lets get a Labour Govt in power and restore order to the UKs borders.



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As Boris said.. lets take back control of our own borders,Eh!

They've lost control of gulliver again.

Hear, hear!!!!

Lost control, I think we've lost our country.

Now now, our governments are working really hard to solve the issues raised by surprise vistors to our shores only stopping short of the very basics like calling them illegal immigrants, demanding proof of who they are, where they came from and are they terrorists.

It's the least we can ask of the outgoing bunch of limp-wristed chancers as they fill their days doing nowt but bend over backwards to the invaders, knowing as they do that it'll soon be someone elses problem and they can set about rewriting history and how they would have stopped it, if only...

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I also often wonder why these immigrants are young very fit men ,who do not look hard done by.   Are they sleeper cells just waiting for the order. ???

You are not wrong there gully, was saying this last year^^

//Lets  get a Labour Govt in power and restore order to the UKs borders.//

(Apostrophe button is under the @ sign by the way.)

Can you remind us what it is they are going to do to restore order to our borders?  Either a link or a quick summary will do. 

If Labour had an answer they would be trumpeting it loud and clear - they don't.

It's a shame all the parties don't admit none of them has an answer.

"Lets get a Labour Govt in power and restore order to the UKs borders."

Just what planet are you on?

Of course Labour will get in without needing an answer- all they need to say is the system is the current government has been so weak on this that they can surely do better- even if they have no idea how and in reality will make it easier to be allowed in 

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When Labour take over from the Tories   will Jeremy Hunt leave a note in the chancellors safe saying "There ain't no money left" The members of the Con Crony Club ..Trousered the lot.

He doesn't have to leave a note,the note liam Byrne left saying there is no money left is still there to remind everyone how labour run the economy when in power,besides that note the memo from Peter Mandelson saying to send out search parties to find as many immigrants as possible is still there.

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Fripfrip ...21.53... I was taking the ssip 🤣

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The Tories Have Lost Control.

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