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George Galloway

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Rosetta | 04:21 Fri 01st Mar 2024 | News
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Screaming Lorrd Sutch eat your heart out

I wonder if he will have anything to say regarding the Muslim paedophile rape gangs that operate in Rochdale?

We live in strange times.

who voted for him, must all be radical like himself...

I wonder what gulliver is going to say about Labour coming 4th behind the 3rd placed Cons

Hardly surprising given the demographic and the basis of his campaign.

Not that is matters, he is one of many in the House with no friends on any bench.

In fact I think this is at least the third time he's pulled this stunt. It's the Monster Raving Loony party I feel sorry for: their vote collapsed in the face of a real loony 

Another loony in the loony bin that is parliament.

Indefatigable ...

I'll get the gully bit in now: Labour has a 26 per cent lead in the latest opinion poll. Is it true Galloway doesn't intend to stand at the GE? Either way the man is bad news for everyone: a demagogue in a fedora with a keen eye for self-publicism. As he once did to the monster Saddam, I salute his indefatigablility 😂

Great minds ellipsis ! I hadn't seen your post ...

as galloway said in interview, he's rousing the the muslim vote up north, probably south to... hot air maybe..

He'll be gone by the end of the year. It just shows the strength of the pro gaza/anti Israel vote though in constituences with a large Muslim sector

I know about the polls ichkeria, but gulliver was very vocal about Labour's recent by election wins so I'm awaiting his comments.

Some see him as a traitorous, pandering scumbag.

All I know is that a gentleman removes his hat indoors.

I can do no better than quote the former Labour MP Steven Pound: “It's a George Galloway tribute act. Now he's trotting out this, the same ghastly tropes.

He's still treating the Palestinian people with utter contempt by using their bones to build a pulpit for himself, to spew this divisive rubbish that he always does."


Have pity on (what's left of) the indigenous people of Rochdale whose forebears built the town, now to see it overrun by foreigners & have George Galloway as their representative in Parliament.



Another step closer to having a radical islamic party in Parliament-  we have all been warned.


Could anyone other than Galloway have pulled a stunt like that? I doubt it. A representative of his latest sect "The Workers' Party of Britain" (no neither had I) which appears to faintly nod to the far right with its support for the Union. Who remembers Respect, a previous party which was more radical and was born out of opposition to the Iraq war (there but for the grace of  Allah would have gone many perhaps 😂😂😂)

He's a well known terrorist supporter, no doubt all the Muslims of Rochdaleistan voted for him.

I bet George is like the cat with the cream this morning  ...

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George Galloway

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