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Hate Preachers To Be Blocked From Entering The Uk In Fresh Crackdown On Extremism

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naomi24 | 10:49 Sun 03rd Mar 2024 | News
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//Ministers already have powers to block people who are "non-conducive to the public good" - and believe they can be extended to include individuals preaching racism and incitement.  

It is understood that officials will identify the most dangerous extremists from countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Indonesia and add them to a warning list.

Anyone on that list will be refused entry.//


The words gate, horse and bolted spring to mind.



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This will be used against the likes of Geert Wilders

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Suddenly we have rabbits in headlights - and Galloway the driver.

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And still they'll ferry people from France...

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The silence here is deafening.  Can't think why.

Silence because who in their right mind could disagree?

Oh I forgot, untitled.  

It's late - but better late than never.

But what are the powers-that-be going to do about the ones already here?

....and just who would be the arbiter of extremism – I’m sure many ABers would think my views extreme (the Tory government corrupt/dishonest/useless; Brexit a complete disaster for the UK; Nigel Farage a complete idiot).

I see that as a moderate stance, Hymie. 😊

Banning undesirables is nothing new.  

Rudi Dutschke, a left winger, wasn't allowed into the UK.  And the actor, George Raft, was banned because of his alleged connections with organised crime.

douglas9401 – you might deem my views moderate, but whenever I post a thread on here in connection with the Tory government, Brexit or Farage, I get abuse from the usual suspects.

"Oh I forgot, untitled."


Hymie, i see you are still having a diaster in your life, mainly about losing the Brexit vote. What has gone so wrong for you?


window dressing, calm the public..

Aye,right,Naomi.Never going to happen.I would prefer Ms Begum back rather than the"so called refugees"we are allowing into our country.

Well, better late than never, I suppose.  The whole balance and attitude changed markedly at the end of the 1990s in the Bradford Comp. I was then in (and in the city generally).  Remember the Bradford Riots?   We had to cancel non-uniform days for fund-raising when many teenage lads poured into the grounds wearing traditional dress , shouting and waving large Pakistani and other Islamic flags. Before anyone says 'Why did we let them?' - we didn't, the flags were confiscated and the pupils concerned separated and controlled.  But this was a real shock to everyone.

The cause of the change was (according to other, more moderate pupils) due to many new young Imams who had arrived from Saudi Arabia and were whipping-up extremist ideas.  Hard to prove as it  was in arabic or urdu of course.

I hope that preachers already here are being watched as well.  Taken a while, hasn't it?

Wont happen.  Non of the boaties are checked and never will be.

Government has failed miserably and deserve the 65 seats thay are forcast by some.

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Hate Preachers To Be Blocked From Entering The Uk In Fresh Crackdown On Extremism

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