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Sunak And Hunt Take A Knife To A Gun Fight.

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gulliver1 | 19:48 Wed 06th Mar 2024 | News
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Just been watching PMQs and the Budget What a show Sir Keir ripping apart Hunt and Sunak he had them on the ropes He destroyed the pair of them . Well done Keir



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The only real giveaway in the budget was the look of despair on the faces of the Tory MPs 🤣.

I had a letter a couple of days ago from the Inland Revenue advising that due to my increase in State Pension, my tax free pay will be £13. Yep, £13, which means virtually all of the increase will be wiped out because the tax threshold has stayed as it is. This will apply to all earnings, so whilst Mike Hunt talks about a bodget for the future, we will all be worse off, actually. And he commended it to the house! Sheesh! 😅

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A relation has just had his 80th birthday and his state pension has been increased by 25p..Big deal

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Must say I did enjoy watching the pair of muppets Hunt and Sunak sitting next to each other almost holding hands as Starmer tore them to pieces ..loved it.


\\A relation has just had his 80th birthday and his state pension has been increased by 25p..Big deal//


Things that never happened....

"Pensioners aged 80 and over receive an addition of 25 pence to their state pension. The age addition was introduced in 1971, in recognition of “the special claims of very elderly people who on the whole need help rather more than others”. It has never been uprated, with successive Governments either arguing that greater priority should be given to protecting the level of the basic benefits, or choosing to target additional resources at older pensioners by other means, for example, through means-tested benefits or lump sum payments, such as the Winter Fuel Payment."

It's been that way since 1971- no government- Labour or Conservative - has changed it, focussing on things like winter fuel allowance. It's hard to see it changing, Scrap it they'd be criticised, make it a £1 and it would be an insult, make it £20 and people would say why should rich octegenarians get it

20.48 gully. Wait until they lose the GE they will be crying on each others shoulders. Or stabbing each other in the back. :0)

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Webbo 21 .38,, You are wrong again,,

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Sunak And Hunt Take A Knife To A Gun Fight.

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