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Angela Rayner's Memory Called Into Question Again

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naomi24 | 10:42 Wed 13th Mar 2024 | News
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The deputy opposition chief is facing increasing pressure to prove why she doesn’t owe the taxman up to £3,000 from the 2015 sale of her Right to Buy house in Stockport.  

She insists she wasn’t liable for capital gains tax on the property because it was her primary residence.

But neighbours of her ex-husband Mark Rayner this weekend insisted the Shadow Levelling Up Secretary actually lived with him a mile away from the council house on Lowndes Lane.


Both she and her boss forgot she was at 'currygate'.  



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She did remember not to suggest shooting Diane Abbott though.

In all the excitement an alternative front is opened to divert attention from the certifiable but salt of the earth Tories.

Perhaps one of us 'Tory scum' may remember!!!

Question Author

Indeed, douglas.  Very thoughtful of her, don't you think?

Please don't adopt the 'witty' styling of Mr Hughes, naomi, one wannabe Bart Simpson on board is plenty.

Question Author

My style is all my own, douglas.  Always has been.  ;o)

Not sure I follow you logic there Douglas?

Surely its labour doing the 'diverting' tactics, although I am not sure that is the case.

I really dont understand why Ange didnt come clean up front.  It's a piddling amount and yet it can be something that blows out of all proportion and can wreck a career.

If she was advised it was ok, then bring out whoever advised to clarify it and put it to bed.

I guess one can have an official main residence yet still stay as a guest of a friend much of the time. One trusts the main residence wasn't let out.

42 days since this Fishwife chav's last media interview, odd?

"Fishwife chav"



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Angela Rayner's Memory Called Into Question Again

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