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Should Keeping Wild Animals As Pets Be Banned?

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naomi24 | 10:01 Fri 22nd Mar 2024 | News
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This story really upset me this morning.   For her daughter's tenth birthday Tamara Ecclestone has bought her a sloth which, separated from its natural environment and its own kind, now resides in their London home.   If anyone wants to know what the brainless entitlement of the idle rich is, that's it.  Where do you even go to buy a sloth?   Is twonk a rude word?  It seems to fit so I sincerely hope so.   Grrrr…..,of%20the%20world's%20laziest%20creatures.




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Yes it should be banned. The sloth is an arboreal creature, it doesn't like being touched and will use it claws to deter people from doing so, it is not a pet, it cannot be walked, cuddled or trained. Nobody should have one, especially a ten year old.

Yes.  Stupid, rich woman & they'll be 2 stupid, rich children, all going through life thinking they can have what they want with no real consideration given to what they do with their money, or the possible consequences.

Humans are almost solely responsible for putting animals on the endangered list in the first place with an "I'm human, therefore I'm better & more deserving than animals" attitude & this from Ms Ecclestone shows an equal degree of selfishness & a lack of regard for the creature.  Appalling.

That makes me so angry and sad

I love sloths

It should be but i doubt it ever will be fully. Again money talks and in most cases gets you what you want when you want it whether or not those commodities are legal to own or not.

another exotic pet but pretty well looked after and the pet is seems intelligent

Cute but they will focus on the fun shots, but will they ever show future problems that may arise.

Most wild animals suffer from stress when in contact with humans, Sloths more so than most. In this case it is a very poor choice ( the sloth) for a young child to have, that child is never going to be able to handle the sloth, play with it or get any kind of enjoyment from it. For a start sloths snooze most of their lives 30 meters up a tree where they belong and very happy to do so. They are also very prone to human illness, even a common human cold can kill them.

Food wise they eat very little but just nibble away when it takes their fancy, they dont use up much energy so very little food is needed. However STRESS can soon take over in a captured situation, and due to the little food they eat with little nutritious value the stress puts them completly off eating, you can say goodbye within a few days. Its also very difficult to reconise stress in a sloth because of their laid back ways, only an expert in this field will will reconise such. So she will also need to have this sloth looked at on a regular basis, that will mean more STRESS. This is not a pet the child has picked, its an adult choice. The child would have more excitment and fun for many years with a kitten or puppy that she could play with, sleep with, and take out on walks. Stupid, very stupid choice for sure.

don't know if it counts, but i used to keep two Boa constrictors, seemed happy to me? mrs fender erm thought they stank when they pooed..fragrance went through the house, i sold them.

How would you know a snake is happy? I believe the can have skin problems if stressed but that can take a long time to show up.

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Should Keeping Wild Animals As Pets Be Banned?

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