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Will You Be Getting Any Gesture Eggs This Easter?

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naomi24 | 10:55 Fri 29th Mar 2024 | News
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A Cadbury store has been criticised by a Christian campaign group for advertising chocolate Easter eggs as "gesture" eggs.

//According to the Daily Telegraph, the shop in Springfields Outlet in Spalding, Lincolnshire, was offering a two for £10 deal on the "gesture" eggs.

Cadbury's owners said it had "no involvement" in the promotion. //,on%20the%20%22gesture%22%20eggs.


Whoever came up with that gem needs to get back to basics.



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I think I would give that shop a 'gesture'☝ if I lived in that town.
11:21 Fri 29th Mar 2024

What the flock is a "gesture" egg?

The 'woke' making a fuss about nothing? Can't firms call their products whatever they like that's clean, honest and decent? What's wrong with those so-called christians?

I think I would give that shop a 'gesture'☝ if I lived in that town.

  I have got my EASTER egg and my CREAM eggs for Easter.

Question Author

Atheist, if it wasn't Easter they wouldn't be selling them.  They are Easter Eggs.

Do you mean creme eggs, William?

These eggs do say Happy Easter on the back of the boxes.

I'm a Christian and I can't say I'm bothered by it. It is eggs that are used to symbolise Easter, not chocolate and certainly not huge companies cashing in on a Christian celebration.

I shall be having my Simnel cake, I broke Lent with a hot cross bun.

Chocolate eggs are to Easter what Father Christmas is to Christ's birthday. I don't object to chocolate eggs but I'm not precious about them.

If people want to be outraged or offended, that's up to them

what is the problem with this?

Naomi did you see the Hot Cross Buns that replaced the cross on top with a tick?

People were calling them Nike buns. I'm not religious, but I really wouldn't buy either of these products on principal.

Question Author

Yes, I did see them, Barsel.  I'm not religious but I wouldn't buy them on principle either.

this reminds of the people whining about starbucks christmas cups... completely inconsequential. who cares?

Question Author

I care untitled.

The vast majority of Christmas cards sold nowadays have no Christian image or message. That shop sign is no different 

oh it's Christian Concern who have kicked upna stink. always looking for something to whine about 🙄

My understanding is that the shop has changed the sign/label on the eggs since.


We get currant buns all year around now. Not amused by the tick version, but I look at it that I'm not the target market. Traditionalists and dedicated Christians can still buy crossed ones, modernist and adventurous types can go for some other decoration. The market will decide if alternative shapes were worth their bother.

Yes I care as well. I'm sick to death of these stupid alterations that are constantly being made to things I've known all my life.

It's the 'woke' who make the changes not those who get upset about them - that's my understanding of the word woke. And who are the 2 posters who can't see a problem with it so far? Two of our 'left wing intelligentsia'  who want to see a revolution and huge change to tradition. That tells me something about why it was done - not that I have the faintest what gesture eggs are.

The eggs had not changed, not the packaging.  They are exactly the same as the ones you can buy everywhere.  Only the shop sign said 'gesture eggs'. 

Yes Creme Eggs Barry. I recently bought a box of ten and have already eaten half of them.

If you are referring to me, Prudie, I would appreciate an apology.  I am not left wing nor 'woke'.

I wasn't referring to you barry, you almost flatter yourself -  'left wing intelligentsia' to those who are is surely a compliment? It's certainly not something to be ashamed or offended by and demand an apology!!!

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Will You Be Getting Any Gesture Eggs This Easter?

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