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Blue Chaos.

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gulliver1 | 11:43 Tue 02nd Apr 2024 | News
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Tory Chaos will restart on the day after polling Day. If they are not well and Truly Booted out at the GE.  Rishi Sunak promised an era of stability when he took control but instead he has allowed chaos to take over and it won't stop .The Tories are treating the Country as it's own private plaything to be milked to their own advantage. The UK needs Liberating. Get rid!



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And the grass continues to grow longer and thicker covering Mr &Mrs Mone robbery of the tax payer. You do have to now wonder how many more are involved in this 200million scam of the tax payers money. Because they are for sure making a meal of any investigation, if there is one at all?

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It's starting to look like a "Double Whammy" Brexit and The Tory Party have both brought Britain down the Swanee and turned it not just into a third Country, but starting to look more like a third world Country.

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11.56.Mr NiceBloke. There will not be a conclusion to the Mone Fraud Investigation until After the GE . The Cons will see to that.

 Tory Chaos will restart on the day after polling Day. and gulliver is wetting his pants with exitement 🙄

Once again Gulliver's thread gets subjected to personal insults in place of evidential debate.


To quote Lady Thatcher yet again."I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left"

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Khandro 12.30 I do! ....PMSL 🤣every time you post on here🤣,

Matt Hancock got away scott free giving tax payers money to his mate. His mate as more than likely invested in another pub while filling Matts wallet with a share of the proffits, plus a free room upstairs to entertain his new tarts whenever he feels like a little grasping.

Although I have in the past listed on AB the fantastic Brexit benefits (such as pint bottles of champagne, imperial signage distances within Dartford tunnel, the Crown Mark on pub glasses, blue passports, shellfish beds found In the Thames estuary etc) – one benefit I’ve not mentioned is the fact that Brexit has destroyed the Tory party; until they realise what a disaster Brexit is for the UK they are very unlikely to govern again.

I shouldn't get to excited about the shellfish beds contaminated with e coli. God help the NHS if anyone starts selling them.

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It's not just the feathering of their own nest as much as they can with tax payers money now they know the game is up .But all the broken manifesto promises they made, especially the one where they *(Promised)* to reduce  Immigration which has actually increased.

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Mr NiceBloke 12.50. That is about the only thing that wasn't even on the Tory manifesto, But they still managed to achieve it .. ....🤣*Diverting tax payers money into their own bank accounts*🤣

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Hymie 12.50. Perhaps that is the only good thing about Brexit it has obliterated the Tory party for decades to come. Wonder if they will shoot Cameron now they realise the have shot themselves in both feet with both barrels.🤣


canary: "Once again Gulliver's thread gets subjected to personal insults in place of evidential debate." - can you show me an example of any sort of debate from Gulliver?

As I write, this latest troll has six replies by the op and three by his alter ego.

Says a lot

yes ich - people are finally getting the message that gully is well worth ignoring!

Blue Chaos - that's a brand of aftershave isn't it?

...I bet I know who will be getting BA!

I'd love to see a few days day when no-one (other than the OP's usual allies) responds to any of gulliver's threads, and watch as he tries harder and harder to keep the thread alive and reel people in. 

Is there a ventriloquist act on here? 

6 x posts, off subject / OP ?

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Blue Chaos.

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