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Seven Aid Workers Killed

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Untitled | 15:26 Tue 02nd Apr 2024 | News
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an aid convoy supplying gaza was hit by an israeli airstrike, killing seven aid workers three of whom have been confirmed to be british. 

World Central Kitchen was one of the main organisations left that was still supplying food to the population of gaza (about 60% of what gets in) and has now paused its operations.. they say that they liaised with the IDF and were fired upon anyway 

almost 200 aid workers have been killed in gaza since october

was this really an accident? 



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continued from above....would be a good way of doing it. Create a famine. Hospitals destroyed so they have no medical capibilities. Israel have a lot to gain from these "accidents". Of course, Israel wouldn't do that on purpose, would they? Would they?
07:27 Wed 03rd Apr 2024

No I have not said that. You've said that. I've been very clear over several different threads that it's nonsense. The IDF cannot use carte blanche, including war crimes, and blame Hamas, much like Hamas cannot blame the IDF for killing innocent Israeli people on October 7.

ynnafymmi: "@19.25.And you agree that all the deaths since then are the sole responsibility of the Hamas terrorists?Could you have not said that at the start?" - I do and I've been saying since Oct 7th, none of this happens if Hamas stay home on Oct 7th. QED!

Remember when the errant bomb hit the hospital last october and 471were killed,Israel got the blame and then when it was apparent the bomb was one hamas lobbed over trying to hit Israel everything went quiet,those in charge should realise that because they are aid workers they are not invincible,finally everyone seems to be saying the poor gazans,but not much said about the poor hostages.

Sad, but these things happen in a war zone, which is why we respect the bravery of those who volunteer to help out there.

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More details here including information about the area and the attack itself

note that the IDF actually attacked the convoy twice... including after they contacted the army and identified themselves... the convoy was also not attacked in a built up urban area where they could easily have been mistaken for another target and there is good evidence that the attack was a precision strike 

i think it is becoming rather difficult to conclude that this was a mistake

I am amazed you havent been erazed untittled along with prolonged screams about anti semitism

BBC news has the two strike report as well. Along with an explanation that the cumbersome and slow screening process is to prevent such 'unfortunate mistakes' from happening. It is difficult not to laugh at this

How is it even being considered an accident, the IDF hit 3 vehicles while being relayed their exact Coordinates. Another state murder, add it to the 40,000 in the last 6 months 

@23.14.All caused originally by the 7th October terrorist attack,Mike.Blame the Hamas terrorists first and foremost.

Of course, if by some strange twist of fate it came to pass that Netanyahu (not so) secretly had a preference to reclaim Gaza by wiping out as many Muslims as possible, whether Hamas or not, then bombing and agencies in order to get them to suspend aid deliveries

continued from above.

...would be a good way of doing it. Create a famine. Hospitals destroyed so they have no medical capibilities. Israel have a lot to gain from these "accidents".


Of course, Israel wouldn't do that on purpose, would they?


Would they?

what is this thread still doing here

saying that the IDF intentionally targeted the convoy is obviously anti-semitic - where are the mods?

I am disgusted and live in Tunbridge wells!

and... another post is saying Gaza is a ghetto which is being starved as a deliberate war aim - and killing a few aid workers is a good way of doing that

a disgusting blood libel in my view ! mods do your duty !

The sad fact is that if anyone enters an active war zone, there is every possibility that they may get killed, whether they are charity workers or not.

I feel that Israel has no problems with what it is doing in Gaza. The IDF see all occupants of Gaza as Hamas terrorists or Hamas sympathisers, without exception, and therefore they see their actions as justified.

10CS, I don't think it sees them as Hamas, but I do think it sees them as objects in the way of their final victory, and therefore expendable. I will never side with Hamas, as they are scum of the earth, but I think Netanyahu sees the Oct 7 massacre as the excuse he's been looking for to "cleanse" Gaza of all Muslims.

Three of these 'aid workers' were ex military and two ex special forces. I don't believe they were there entirely for altruistic but were part of a 'security team' supplied by a securiity company in Poole. Dorset. Just as the Americans get paid to provide ex servicemen to provide protection for oil rig workers in the Middle East only they are armed.

I hope these Brits had not been anywhere near a firearm in Gaza!!

Ex military. They knew the risks.

Mozz //Netanyahu sees the Oct 7 massacre as the excuse he's been looking for to "cleanse" Gaza of all Muslims.//

Not at all, more than 20% of the population of Israel - that is not the West Bank nor Gaza - are Muslims. All he is doing is exactly what he said he would do; nullifying Hamas, whatever it takes.

The ball is & has been since day 1, in Hamas' court. If they were to surrender the killing will stop. 

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and therefore what retrocop? they knew the risks and so who cares if the IDF killed them? there is no way in a million years you would say that if they had been killed by hamas retro. 

but it's the IDF and for some reason they get a free pass.

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israel doesn't accept surrender khandro

Has surrender been offered?

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Seven Aid Workers Killed

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