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The Rise In Gimp Suit Wearing, Why?

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youngmafbog | 09:24 Mon 08th Apr 2024 | News
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Whiy would people want to go out in a gimp suite? Seems very odd to me.

But also I do wonder if they are actually doing anything illegal (providing they dont harrass people), I am thinking more of the person who attended the theater here then the nutter who clearly set out to harrass people in Sommerset.



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Did you intend to add a link to the story about the ' person who attended the theatre here' youngmafbog?

I can't see how simply wearing a gimp suit is illegal but I do understand how somebody might be frightened if they bumped in to a gimp in a quiet dark place.

I guess they feel it's ok now that burkas are allowed. It'd be a removal of their human rights to ban being unidentifiable.';s%20Globe%20allowed%20a%20man,did%20not%20contain%20offensive%20slogans%E2%80%9D.

People are also allowed to walk round in full face helmets, fancy dress costumes that hide their face....

Of course, businesses can refuse entry

There are more out than in, that's why.

The link refers to a theatre visit in July last year - is there something more recent that prompts your question YMB?

Does one idiot really constitute "a rise"? Makes it sound as if there's a gimp infestation happening.

Damn savages


The Gloucester photo looks paranormal to can see through it!

How strange, I typed sweat with ies on the end and the AB filter changed it to Scottish.

I didn't know that word is an insult to the people of Scotland but people in gimp suits must sweat a lot


God. They look like somebody pulled out the Thames after a few weeks immersion. Black,rubbery and bloated.

There's some sick nutters out there. Debased, immoral, and corrupt.

Barry, sweaty socks = jocks.

Very jockular.

sorry but what is a gimp suite? or was that a typo? still non the wiser, gimp suit? is it for bondage? or s&m?

It's an all in one head to toe rubber or latex tight fitting garment completed with a full head mask, favoured by some sadism/masochist fetishists.

To my mind you would have to be a masochist to try and get the outfit on.

Some headmasks have zips or other closures across the eyes, nose and mouth or just have a little hole for a breathing tube.

No sneezing aloud

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The Rise In Gimp Suit Wearing, Why?

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