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Jail Those Responsible For Post Office Scandal Says Minister

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naomi24 | 11:13 Tue 09th Apr 2024 | News
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//The Post Office minister has told the BBC that those responsible for the Horizon scandal "should go to jail".

Kevin Hollinrake told a BBC Breakfast audience of sub-postmasters that "people should be prosecuted" when evidence is "established", and "people within the Post Office, possibly further afield, should go to jail".

More than 700 people were prosecuted by the Post Office between 1999 and 2015.

To date, just 37 have received full and final compensation settlements.//


The public inquiry resumes today and the latest hearings will last 15 weeks.  Witnesses will include key figures at the heart of the scandal - including Mr Bates and former Post Office chief executive Paula Vennells.


Do you agree with the minister - and how should the victims be compensated?



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maybe, though I don't like ministers telling judges what to do. Like them or not, an independent judiciary is important; look at the countries that don't have one

Bang on, any right thinking person would agree. Especially that "christian" witch. They caused suicides and bankruptcies. Ruined lives for decades. All the time knowing their victims were innocent. Fraud, perverting the course of justice, perjury, take your pick but what grates with me is the sheer brass neck of trashing peoples lives to protect some flawed software when they knew what they were doing. Were they all sociopaths at Seimens and the PO? I'm going to hold a party at the club when they lock that awful evil woman Vennells and her co scum up.

Judging by recent judicial calamities it would seem a lot of judges,independent or not, need guidance and steering. The victims should get every penny that was extorted from them plus interest. How does one compensate for suicide ?. A few million for wrongful imprisonment might cover it but for some the shame and stigma that has wrongly been placed on them still hangs heavy. You can never compensate for that I would guess.

Absolutely they should go to jail, though I do agree with jno's point, and compensation should be generous.


The problem with Politicians telling the incompetent Judiciary what to do is that they lie even further up the scale of incompetence.

If perjury and/or perverting the course of justice can be proved then certainly those convicted of it should face the recommended penalties.

The full amount of compensation which SHOULD be given would be completely unaffordable IMV.

Agree with davebro3

Understanding the blatant, blinkered, persecution of staff knowing there were errors that would account for the discrepancies it seems appropriate custodial sentences be handed out.


As for where judiciary/political control is concerned; free speech allows anyone to express an opinion. There are far more ridiculous opinions voiced in today's society to be concerned about.

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Jail Those Responsible For Post Office Scandal Says Minister

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