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Messing with minds.

Question Author

It's a lot worse over the pond where they are messing up young lives wholesale with puberty blockers from the age of 10. MAABOF.


I hope the right people are taking note of the report! 

thank god for all the baby-doctors on AB !

Cass (paed) was investigating the psychs, and I  must say that altering children's puberty is something that has to have an evidence base - which she said was lacking ( R4 this  am)

and all the now over-16s have been lost to follow up as they  are adults

and the doctors being investigated - refused to cooperate

obvious mmess

I can only hope that this will be the beginning of the end for the whole 'Trans' industry.

The Cass Report, the WPATH files, the HCPO(S)A fiasco and the various court-cases successfully defining and defending what women are will, hopefully, finally see this pernicious nonsense ended once and for all.

doubt they will stop ie the trans lobby militants, probably take it to the echr who will agree with them, then back to square one, same with the echr climate edict...

A distressing report on tonight's news.  A 16 year old who had been given treatment they now regret accepting.  I honestly didn't know if that young person was male or female, how he or she had begun life, or what they want now.  This is madness.

I saw that Naomi and like you I didn't know whether the person was male or female.  

Late to this thread.


I'm pleased an eminent paediatrician highlighted this scandalous situation.


Fundamentally, people have been doing medical experiments on children. People should be up in arms about this abuse of children. 

Yes.  I knew and loved someone who suffered from genuine gender dysmorphia - it is, as all should know, vanishingly rare, but it exists.

It took until she  was 28, through a lot of trauma and trouble and love from us all, before she finally understood and treatment commenced.   

No-one under the ageof 25, when brain development has more or less  completed, should be able to even consider physically changing their gender.  Even then it is horribly, horribly difficult.  

Chuildren must be  protected.

A 16 year old who had been given treatment they now regret accepting. 

about 50% who get a surgical  sex change - - - regret it....

The doctors doing these proceedures are queers wanting to 'help' children to be like them, it is they who need sorting, not the children.

I feel sorry for any person who feels they are in the 'wrong body', but I don't feel as strongly for them as I do for a friend of mine, now in his 70s, who has been in a wheelchair since he was a child, through contracting polio; he wouldn't have said no, with ample justification, to another body himself.

While I agree that no-one under the age of 21 should be considered for any kind of gender transformation, comments such as

//The doctors doing these proceedures are queers wanting to 'help' children to be like them//

...are utterly contemptuous. 

It might have been this young woman, Naomi.

Keira Bell: Gender clinic used me as an experiment. I want justice

I hope the link works.

If not, basically, Keira Bell was born female, had confusing thoughts about her gender and sexuality along with other mental problems, went to GIDS who gave her testosterone and removed her breasts. 
She now regrets it and identifies as a woman again. 

A few years back I saw a video of an interview of a young girl 18- 20 years).

She had been a tomboy at school and was made to feel like she should have been a boy.

She had a double mastectomy and then realised that she had no real desire to be a male - she was just an ungirly female.

Just remembered, the interviewer was Jordan Peterson.



Mozz; ///comments such as

//The doctors doing these proceedures are queers wanting to 'help' children to be like them//

...are utterly contemptuous. ///

Well there's certainly something queer going on here.

What kind of a freak, what kind of a monster, would it take, to cut off with a scalpel, the breasts of a young healthy woman, regardless of her mental feelings ?

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The Noveau Fascists Won't Be Happy Until Every Child Has A Mental Crisis Will They......

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