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retrocop | 19:22 Wed 10th Apr 2024 | News
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You can run but you can't hide. The

Israelis appear to have more intell than their protagonists. 

Oh dear. Keep it coming IDF. Perhaps Hamas will surrender hostages but there is plenty more in the shot locker.



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                // how did they accidently murder 3 British aid workers ? //

    Your naivety jumps to the fore Gromit. Where did you get the notion that these unfortunate 3 Brits are 'humanitarian aid workers' .That is nonsense. YThey were there for the lucre. Probably paid in US dollars. If  double the amount of Shekels had been offered they would have probably volunteered to fight with the IDF. They were there as security advisors working for a security firm of 'mercenaries' based in Poole Dorset. They picked the wrong side and the wrong war. Sacks of flour won't beat AK47s in the hands of terroristsl

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A mere hop, skip and jump from 'I was only obeying orders'.

//Can't think where I've seen that before.//

I can help you there. You probably heard it from transcripts of the Nuremburg Trials. Spoken by the architects of the Final Solution discussed and formulated at the Wannasee conference.

They also tried to wipe the Jewish population off the face of the earth and they all came a cropper at the end of a rope. The jews just ain't going to let it happen.


"If not already Hamas the sons & grandchildren were Hamas in the making"

you are justifying the killing of children

No, untitled.  I'm responding to Davebro's post at 10:27 Thu.  You'll need to try harder than that.

I wasn't even quoting you naomi... you can tell because the text i copied was from a post written by an entirely different person

Oh, ok - my mistake - but I don't see where he was justifying killing children either, untitled.  

it was in the bit where he called the dead grandchildren "hamas in the making" 

I took that as an observation - not that he's justifying killing children. 

a 10 year old an 8 year old and a 4 year old were among those killed by israeli strikes on a convoy which also included hamas commanders 

if someone's reaction is then to say "well those children were hamas in the making" then the implication is that they were legitimate targets. 

untitled, It doesn't occur to me that anyone would justify killing children so that's how I read it.  Perhaps he'll come back and tell you what he meant.  

Hamas will be encouraged to see that so many British & US citizens are supporting them;

'A recent poll by the Pew Research Center shows that nearly half of Muslims in the U.S. support the Hamas terrorist group in its war against Israel — a similar proportion to that found in a different poll of Muslims in the United Kingdom.'

you've done it yourself before naomi. when i asked you if it was wrong in this thread you couldn't bring yourself to say yes:

Untitled, that's disingenuous tripe.  The fact is war brings suffering and that's what I said there.  

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There is much suffering among Israeli families wondering hope against hope if there loved ones who are still alive and held hostages by an unprovoked attack on Oct 7th.. Hamas has to release the hostages,unless,the cowardly terrorist *** have not already beheaded them, and then there can be a possible peace solution but I won't hold my breath so in the meantime . Israel. Crack on and send them all to hell. After all,thats what they want to do  with their perverted ideology to you.

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