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Looks Like Plod's Getting Involved In Raynergate.

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ToraToraTora | 11:14 Fri 12th Apr 2024 | News
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Funny thing is the amount evaded is tiny anyway! Bit of an oggy there Shazza!



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I hope she doesn't resign because she is one of the best reasons not to vote Labour.  Angela Rayner as Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? - ugh.....

According to Lord Ashcroft, Angela Rayner owes HMRC £3,500 in capital gains tax – whereas Lord Ashcroft avoided paying £112,000,000 in tax through his non-dom status between 2000 and 2010 (courtesy of Private Eye).

If there is a case to answer  this case will come to court before the Baroness Mone case does and if found guilty the penalty will be more sever than The Mone Barrowman case which involved swindling tax payers out of £200 million.

Question Author

11:30, the key word there is "avoided" that's legal. What AR has alleged to have done is "evasion" that is not legal.

Wonder how much the Bribe cost the Tories to  bring this case for police investigation.

Bit of an oggy there Shazza! - bit of a foo-foo dingle dangle dongle there then! blingo ! !

I think oggy may be "own goal" and NOT "cornish pasty in fact made in an adjoining country ( tiddly oggy )" o god retro will go crazy again "blathereen" when he reads this

making something unreadable TTT seeks to make it unreadable and nonsense

I am surprised to see the Police involved this early - although clearly tax fraud is a crime - I am  not sure if the taxman can bring cases directly or have to go thro CPS ( a la Post Office). or indeed whether the police are the correct people ( with knowldege) to investigate tax fraud

gottle of geer ! gottle of geer! - advice to keep your mouth shut when questioned by the police. o god retro..

Wonder how much the Bribe cost the Tories to  bring this case for police investigation.

disgusting ! delete this post on the grounds there must be some honest Tories !--- PP says this with whizzy bug eyed gurn. I have never read such a spiteful unmimsy post -  contrary to truth !

(mine have been deleted for less!) much less

damn - different law - electoral law - does anyone know which address she used to apply to stand.

MY candidate was on the voting slip as Geatano - instead of Gaetano - I think there is a Gaetano is Fellini's Satyricon, (o god retro will go spare). I thought it meant "neighbour" - Fellini remember, but it means from Gaeta

and I pointed this out to the Returning Officer - that one was voting for  someone who might not exist - John Smith is not jean Smith

and the returning officer said 'so what'

( actually he ave the post office horizon standard answer - nothing to do wivme guv above my pay grade)


The problem now seems to be she may have broken electoral law.

Probably why plod is involved not HMRC, that would be a different matter.

//courtesy of Private Eye//

Doenst matter where it comes from its still whataboutery.  Raise a thread on it if you feel that strongly, this one is about Ms Raynor.

And as TTT has pointed out there is a difference between avaoidence and evasion. Plod or HMRC are not concerned about the former as far as prosecution is concerned.

The observation is that our tax system lets the super-rich avoid paying £112 million in tax; but woe-betide any pleb not paying £3,500 in tax.

ymb, it was Ashcroft who first publicised all this, so he's involved whether you like it or not.

Electoral roll irregularities are a criminal offence. I believe that is the main crux of the investigation and the piddling amount is secondary. It's a shame that GMP had to be requested to open the case up and reinvestigate. Why didn't they do it at the onset of Ashcroft's allegation.

Still the best illustious lawyer Sir Keir has given her full confidence but he confesses to have not seen the advice given by her brief / accountant.So that's ok then.

Goodness me, arms-length Tory diversionary BS in full flow as per.

Well us Tory scum would expect to see a possible deputy PM set an example to the plebs. Why she took advantage of a Tory PM's right to buy scheme is baffling if not down right hypocritical. They want to abolish it. Yes. I'm alright Jack.

She's as common as muck. 

The Tories are clearly running scared to try this on. Lord Ashcroft? He who owns half of all VCs ever awarded? He who owns half of London? Why should he bother about some debateable issue like this? Gerroff! 😊

////Angela Rayner as Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? - ugh..////

Nowhere near as bad as Liz Truss as Prime Minister.

Tory diversionary BS Douglas?

The thread is about Angela Rayner's case yet on this thread we've had plenty of leftist diversionary whataboutery covering Lord Ashcroft, Baroness Mone, Barrowman and even Liz Truss.

This woman couldn't lie straight in bed. She vehemently denied she was with her boss At the beergate party up north. Starmer supported her then and it later transpired she was captured there on camera.

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Looks Like Plod's Getting Involved In Raynergate.

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