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must make you very happy.

Question Author

how can a full on war between the two countries now be avoided?

Oh siht - here we go.


That said, when Israel retaliate, no doubt they'll be accused of using too much force.

Big mistake...

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If América attacks Iran will the UK join them?  Together we could overthrow the Ayatollahs and liberate the ordinary Iranians.    Our recent experience in Afghanistan and Iraq will stand us in good stead.

Question Author

i really hope that blowing up the consulate in damascus was worth this. but i bet it wasn't. 

Question Author

we can expect oil to get very expensive indeed which will mean more inflation. 

Israel will shoot them down 

22:28 it wont be a full on war, all it's done is that same as Oct 7th, Iran have just sacrificed thousands of their own people. More evidence that muslims never learn.

Question Author

and then what? i sincerely hope they'll leave it unanswered. but i think we all know that they won't.

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Question Author

Iran has 90 million people, a very well armed economy that is largely self sufficient, it is surrounded by mountains and possesses huge numbers of missiles and drones... it is not apologism to take them seriously and to maybe suggest that going gung ho into war with them will be a disaster

They spent 7 years fighting Iraq, US beat Iraq in 72 hours. I know you are a fan of the mad mullahs but in this they are Accrington Stanley me old china.

Question Author

it isn't the same country it was 40 years ago... even if we were to topple the iranian regime tomorrow then inflation would be disastrous, millions of refugees would come to europe, and the situation would be even worse than iraq after 2003. war against iran is not a good idea.

please stop accusing me of apologism simply because i am less ignorant than you... i am not in favour of the iranian regime at all. 

Tora's right on this. I support Israel in this. I'm not pretending I don't support Iran 😄

There is so much that is good in this world.

It is sad that man still starts wars, causing misery and suffering to many innocents.  

In a thousand years time the middle east will either still be a war zone or war will have caused the total annihilation of all living beings.



untitled: "please stop accusing me of apologism simply because i am less ignorant than you... i am not in favour of the iranian regime at all. " - then stop it with the ignoramous comments.  It's obvious you are a Muslim apologist, like several others on here you always big them up or take their side in any discussion. I've seen your countless anti Israel threads because they dared to take exception to the Oct 7th attrocities. No right thinking person can think that should go un answered. If Iran are dragged into war it will be because of Oct 7th, yes another cause and effect that you seem unable to correlate.

Question Author

i would calmly suggest that there are positions available between supporting the iranian regime on one hand and thinking war with it is a good idea on the other... 

population of 90 million... self sufficient economy and huge producer of oil... surrounded by mountains.. likely nuclear assets...

doesn't sound like a fantastic proposition to me

Question Author

you suffer from very black and white thinking tora 

my threads on israel all express opposition to what that country is doing to the territory it occupies... you may disagree but mine is a perfectly legitimate position. the fact that i believe such things does not mean that i have any admiration for iran.

do try to think clearly. how is a war between israel and iran in the interests of the UK or indeed Europe as a whole? what do we have to gain by encouraging this?

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Iran Launches Drones Against Israel

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