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Soft Cell? Prisoner Breaks Through With A Spoon

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barry1010 | 07:35 Tue 23rd Apr 2024 | News
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When they said prisons are too soft I didn't think it was meant literally

I cannot imagine how this happened.   Any ideas?



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The spoon was in the front scoop of a mini digger left on site.

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Could be!  

he must have seen The Shawshank Redemption

Perhaps no one considered it likely anyone would spend time breaking in to next door, rather than out.

What was next door?

A cell with a murderer in whom he wanted to remonstrate with.

His work ethic should help when parole time rolls around.

Well Clint Eastwood did it with a clothes peg!

One has to wonder what the walls are made of.

Nice pair though, one rapist, one murderer.

Flower arrangers and church organists tend to look for different digs. 

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Soft Cell? Prisoner Breaks Through With A Spoon

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