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Is There A Pro England Rally Today

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smurfchops | 10:33 Tue 23rd Apr 2024 | News
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It's St George's Day.  Did anyone notice??



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the site of the crucifixion was never a secret; in fact Hadrian was so teed off with the number of pilgrims that he levelled the place and erected a big statue of Jupiter. So when Helena asked where to start digging, she would simply have been told "Under the statue".

I thought Old King Coles mother was Mary Oldsole 

Hmmm ..

Old King Cole was retro-invented as a legendary king of Colchester, to explain the town's name. Nobody seems to have thought the name of the River Colne, or the Latin word for colony, might have had anything to do with it. That's how legends come to be.

plenty of protest in France today or last night as in 'For England - Pour l'Angleterre'....


pro - as in for or to England.....demos and punches involved - watch the Beeb News with the x-channel story from N.France.....

Every year - the same question, normally from the kind of person who asks "Why can't there be a Straight Pride".

Roll on 2025.

jno: "Ironically, St George’s mother came from fourth-century Roman Palestine, according to some accounts." - err no, he was born in Cappadocia a Roman province in what is now Turkey. No where near Palestine.

JNO was referring to where the Saint's mum was said to have been born, not Saint George. 

nobody knows where George, or his mother, came from.  Hagiographers didn't start producing details of his legend till a couple of centuries after he died, and hagiographers aren't always to be trusted. It seems quite possible he was a soldier martyred in Diocletian's time; but anything before that is romance, including anything containing dragons.

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Is There A Pro England Rally Today

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