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Take Your Pardners......

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ToraToraTora | 21:34 Wed 24th Apr 2024 | News
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Bring on the new French events for their Olympics - the Guillotine and how far a head rolls -  or how long to survive after swimming in La Seine.


As it is stated in the article just where his alliegancies lie and why, you usual hyperbole is redundant, in this case.

I thought the usual dance starts when the deed has been done but we don't know by whom and with what motive.

Question Author

was a snack bar mentioned?


Question Author

no no no ladies the dance is not that at all!

Have you decided to change the rules.....again?


Question Author

nope the rules are the same as always. Just wait for for a TROP apologist then you'll see.

I can't believe I've misunderstood TUD all these years.

You've decided the alleged offender is a Muslim, then?

Who or what is "TUD"?

If it walks like a duck. He wanted to create an explosive vest/belt and become a martyr. 


ROSETTA, I want to become an astronaut and I want to walk on the moon.

Do you think I will?


CBL your point is what?

TTT, what is the dance then?  

corby, the alleged offender is a fan of IS so it's a reasonable to assume he's a Muslim.

ROSETTA, my point is that anyone can post any claim they want to but that does not mean there is any substance to it. 

Corby,  if he says he supports IS and wants to blow himself to smithereens to become a martyr, why wouldn't it be reasonable to assume he's Muslim?  

"The French outlet also reported that a search of the teenager's home found handwritten papers in which he allegedly declared support for Islamic State.

The spokesperson said that an investigation was under way into whether he had genuine intentions to commit a terrorist act."


NAOMI, you're assuming his claims are genuine.

If they're not, he could just as easily be of any faith or none.

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