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And Another One Bites The Dust.

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gulliver1 | 12:46 Thu 09th May 2024 | News
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Nadhim Zahawi has become the latest Tory MP to announce he will stand down at the next General Election .He has decided rather than accept being Defeated by a Labour candidate and the shame that will go with it .He will jump before being pushed along with the other 64  Terrified Tory MPs.



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Probly wants to get back to ripping off investors with dodgy business deals. Another one who should never have been an MP.

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Davebro 13.25 Was this the Tory Mp who had to pay the taxman a whopping £4.8m because of a tax error he made which he says was careless and not deliberate.  Of course it wasn't deliberate was it.

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YMB this mere handful of labour MPs who are standing down are not doing so because they are terrified of getting booted out by the public Who at last have decided to wake up and smell the coffee. Are they .

You have zero knowledge of why someone is standing dow.  Labour, Tory or any other party.

You need to be very careful or AB could get into some serious trouble with you false/assumed assertions.

The Tories won a 74 seat majority in 2019. They now have a 38 seat majority. And 64 Conservative MPs are not contesting their seats this time.

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YMB 13.49 "You need tobe very carefull or AB could get into some serious trouble with your false / assumed assertions" . Stop talking Rolex .Zahawi's brush with the tax man is common knowledge Google it ...if you know how to.

Gulf Keystone share price peaked at £11,000. Now £100.

Zahawi was deeply (but briefly) involved.

I am talking about this:

"because they are terrified of getting booted out by the public "

You simply dont know that and are accusing them of bottling it casting apertions on their character, lets hope they dont read AB or a law suit may follow.

I don't see anything wrong with that statement that could cause a legal issue. It's not a big thing to just quit a contest if you think you can't win. They will save their deposit & the hassle of campaigning.

Thats providing they did decide they would not stand because they would not win.

If they simply decided to retire or move on then that is a slight against them. A false accusation if you will.

Maybe they have more than one reason for not wishing to continue as an MP (candidate)? Life is complex.

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YMB 15.16 You are just making a mountain out of a molehill to try and get this thread removed .Because just like the Tory MPs You can not stand the thought of Labour crushing your beloved  Tory Party into the history books .The Tories are toast.. tomorrows chip paper.

Newspapers can no longer be used as chip wrappers old fruit - except in Malta maybe?

As usual gulliver is answering his own question and still not getting a sensible answer from himself.

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Bring on the General Election Get rid of this corrupt Tory Govt

'He had to settle with the tax man over £4m' is a libellow statement. Straightforward no on that one

According to the Guardian, Mr Zahawi had to pay back tax he owed with a 30% penalty and the total amounts to £4.8m.

who can divide 4.8 by 1.3 ? I reckon the nett amount was £3.9 m and there is a 30% penalty for negligence

oops I forgot is always negligence and attracts a started of a 30% boost.

Doddy was acquitted of tax fraud of £1m, but if he had been convicted, a fine of £1m is appropriate. Then of course ( this comment is not  too 'rich' for the average Aber is it?) there is the unpaid tax ( £1m) and the pain and penalty which  shall not exceed  the amount  owed ( £1m). The last two he still had to pay

Dont mix it with the tax man

gullz - god the y are so rude to you !  - -  how do you bear it?

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PP @ 21.48 "God they are so rude to you! how do you bear it"

They....the members of the  Ab branch of the The Rude club just make me laugh Peter  .Because I know I have scored when the rude comments start appearing .😀😁😂🤣😃 lol

I admire the inner strength.

Todays thread 'morning suckers, I told you' has also been mauled by a passing mod

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And Another One Bites The Dust.

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