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What Do You Think Of The King's Portrait?

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Untitled | 19:37 Wed 15th May 2024 | News
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i hate to admit it but i think it's good... it looks like he has been trapped in it by a witch



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I think it's good. His hand looks a bit weird though, ie too big.

Dorian Grey in reverse?

//The Guardian's man gives it one star//

The reviewer comes across as a twit. It's difficult to understand how someone can harbour such a visceral hatred of a bunch of paintings. 

he's a man of broad knowledge and rather uncompromising  tastes. Loves Tracey Emin, loathes the Pre-Raphaelites. Well, it's all a matter of opinion. Personally, I can't see anything either facile or flattering in the portrait but there you go.

I love the wee butterfly.God bless and God save the King ,from all us Scottish ABers.GSTK.

God save the King from all us Scottish ABers

punctuated it for you 😊

No,it was correct as it was jno.

I'll not bother with the Guardian comments...I dislike  Tracey Emin, and love the Pre-Raphaelites 😉

I looked at it several times to day - I think it is excellent.  His Majesty seems to be emerging in to his position, fully formed and ready, with a compassionate face but commanding stance.


@23.31.Me too Pasta,the works of John Millais,Holman Hunt,etc will never be bettered in the UK.

I agree, Pasta. And yet here's a really appreciative review of women artists at the Tate, which I now plan to go and see myself

Imagine, one was the court laundress until the unfortunate business of the Civil War.

I appreciate that she was Portuguese but she lived most of her life in the uk: Paula Rego is one of my favourite contemporary artists and I can see that Tracey Emin could have been inspired by her.

i love the pre-Raphaelites too - it doesn't have to be one or the other.

I'm not a great fan of Emin's graphic work but I did like the tent. I think it was lost in the fire though.

looks as though Charles is quite keen on shades of red



Even the sausage fingers.

Jonathan Yeo's skill set is masterful. I have been looking at the BBC's copy of the portrait and keep finding new images to view. I simply cannot believe that, apparently, none has seen the illusions contained within the canvas. So many newspapers have covered the unveiling by the King but, as yet, there is no mention of the illusions. Amazing!

The more I look at the King's face the more I like it, such a wonderful capture.

Choux, you mentioned the illusions on the other thread. Can you give us a clue? I've looked...on a tablet...and have yet to see anything.

JNO...the Tate exhibit looks fantastic. Thanks for posting that.

Certainly, pasta :) I am viewing the portrait on a largerscreen than yours but I hope it works for you.

Look to the right of the King's left eye and you will see the profile of a female looking at Charles, (I assume this is Camilla) their eyes are just about level.

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What Do You Think Of The King's Portrait?

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