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So What Do Our Resident Bocialivts Think?

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DTCwordfan | 19:14 Sat 18th May 2024 | News
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Farage: Starmer is just 'Blair without the flair'....

The DT today - that NF has been claiming that the 'beloved' Labour leader has been aping the former PM 'in absolutely every way'. 

Evidence - the 'Pledge Card' - one more than in TB's.

2. The 'open shirt, I am the common man' image - but he's 'TB without the flair' - the beloved hopeful living in a charisma-free zone.

3. Keir's claim of 'Changed Labour' - read TB's 'New Labour', the pledges as to actions almost identical.

Yawn, Sir K, - what do you think out there, particularly our neo-Bevanites, Trotskyists, Foot&Corbynists etc.....




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I prefer Boris

Question Author

Boris or Doris though I never saw the MP for Neasden in No. 10...

These critics all seem to be on the right.

So, they would say what they say, wouldn't they?

Sad to say, but worthy as he may be (?) SKS seems totally devoid of any personality.

Just shows how clueless or at least unresearched  Farage is: if he knew anything about Labour strategy he'd see that far from emulating Blair Cormac MacSweeney and co are keeping well clear of the legacy of New Labour and of TB's political thinking.

Question Author

And what is KS's stance on Ukraine, to be rather direct as it's in your patch as to what is going on? Me fears he will kowtow to the Xhite House if the deadful DT gets in....?

"the 'beloved' Labour leader has been aping the former PM 'in absolutely every way'."

Hmm, better warn Iraq now then? 

His stance is the same as the current government's.

DT's plan to sort out Ukraine on his first day in office -if it comes to it  - will be still born.


Question Author

Basr - here we come, only a graveyard unearthed by the Brit forces early on with 5k bodies - and if that ain't genocide, what is? And this came after the Balkans. TB really missed a major Trump card...and I doubt the current leader of the Red Flag would do much better - ijiuts!

Personally i think the distancing from Blair is a mistake although I understand why they've done it 

Question Author

Me doubts, ich - how else is he to fund his socialist regime without increasing taxes - or maybe it is by both....'No, I'll kowtow to Putain and his mob'.

You're analysing things using outmoded reverences. Starmer is a socialist??? Blair is out of favour.

And I don't understand the "kowtow to Putin" bit 

Question Author

in accepting Putin 'taking over' The Ukraine....surely that is obvious as a scenario and how would KS and his mob respond to this if it was to happen at the start of their regime?

I don't understand. Putin isn't going to be taking over Ukraine - certainly not by the time of an election!

But if that was to happen at some point down the line there's not a lot Starmer, Sunak, Farage, Trump or anyone else could do about it. That's why we're in the fight now.

Russia btw lost 7,500 dead in the last 4 ... DAYS! It's hard going for Ukraine now but it'll get better. Trust me on that 😉. 

Question Author

I hope so but I wouldn't be as confident as you are....

As an aside some Ukrainian military bods think a combination of drone technology and AI will mean that at some point the conflict will become frozen underground because of the aerial threat. Russia has poured a lot of bombs and personnel into the latest slaughterfest but no armour to speak of. Why? Maybe because all they are sitting targets from the air. Same applies on the other side.

Anyway I digress. Don't want to hijack a question about UK politics 

Surely that's good news for the Right. I mean, we're repeatedly told by the Tories number one fan how Blair doesn't count as Labour as her was just Tory light.

perhaps Ith can tell us what a boclivitz is - type of drink ?

Especially delicious when mixed with fresh trobiscite.

a cure for  TB, obvioously

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