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Julian Assange

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Spungle | 10:45 Mon 20th May 2024 | News
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Years after the wikileaks scandal, British taxpayers continue to foot the bill to host this man.  Time for him to go to the US and face the music for his actions?



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I think we can afford to keep him a while longer given the amounts available to support invaders to these shores.

yes to the OP

Awful man. Get shot of him asap.

He's won the right to challenge US extradition.


So he's here for a bit longer...shame.

Send him to the Yanks. I lost patience when he Shat on Ecuador.

how much has this guy cost the uk tax payer already, or are his supporters paying.

Save for Douglas, what an extraordinary bunch of hostile reactions from AB's usual  Tricoteuses de la guillotine.

Shame on you all.

You will get knifed for using 'forrin', Khandie. I like the metaphor tho !


He meant well. 

He's a nasty little snake,got into trouble in australia and ran,got into trouble in sweden and ran,if he has done no wrong let him go to america and face the music for once.

Should Julian Assange be extradited to America to stand trial, as a non-US citizen he will have no First Amendment Rights (otherwise afforded to all US citizens) – which includes the provision that prevents the government from making laws prohibiting the freedom of the press.


If he does ultimately end up in a US court, the whole affair is likely to prove an embarrassment to the US government (exposing that the US government were engaged in criminal activity, plus plotting to kidnap and murder him) – perhaps all this delaying is in order to find some face saving solution for the USA.

^^^^               ^^^^

If that was correct he would love to face trial in america,truth is he put a lot of people in danger,that's besides what he was wanted in sweden for,why did he do a runner from there?or are you saying the swedish justice is also out to get him.




Can we sent him to Uganda instead?

I don't understand why he hasn't already been extradited.  What's he afraid of?

I get that Julian Assange doesn't want to go to the US and why.  But why can't we send him back to Australia- why do we, as British taxpayers have to fund him being hosted here in the UK indefinitely?  

^^^^ cos the UK is the world's damn dustbin! Nowhere else to go? Come here - all welcome & well provided for! 

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