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The Face Of Hamas Rapists

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fender62 | 02:12 Thu 23rd May 2024 | News
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i do hope all the protestors get a look at this video, speaks volumes, real face of freedom fighters ehh.



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Hamas rapists is a problem, Israeli IDF baby killers is also a problem. A rational and unbiased person would condemn them both - and other problems too ...

Sickening and inexcusable. I hope every one of those hamas scumbags are executed, but not at the expense of innocents.

How anyone can seriously compare that to civilians being caught up in military action is beyond me.  That is not rational and it stinks of bias.  

sandyRoe will be so proud of his heroes.

The women were taunted which is not nice.

Meanwhile there are 35,000 graves with dead Palestinians in them, including many thousands of women and children.

all down to Hamas actions on Oct 7 gromit. They stay home none of this happens.

Taunts haven't caused them to bleed, gromit.

Meanwhile there are 35,000 graves with dead Palestinians in them, and taunts didnt kill THEM, either

(but I agree, gels dont like taunts)

How anyone can seriously compare that to civilians being caught up in military action is beyond me.

are we referring to dead Israelis - disgusting disgusting so anti semitics !

or the dead Gazans yup all 32 000 of them _ irrelevant - terrorists anyway even the children

I see a direct parallel ( the difference being well 31 000 actually) to both

When propagandists are caught out in a lie it's difficult to do other than take anything else they without a very large pinch of salt.

There were no babies decapitated by Hamas, though there may have been quite a few Palestinian children dismembered by IDF bombs.

Were some Israelis sexually assaulted or is this just another piece of Zionist propoganda?

your continued defence of these terrorist scum is quite disturbing.

How so?

Sandy, how do you know that Hamas never dismembered infants? You can't possibly know unless you were present, anything else is just your opinion.

If such a thing had happened there'd be evidence.  As nobody has presented such evidence we can safely assume it never happened.

There's supposedly video evidence. Just because it hasn't been released to the wider public, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Do you always only believe what you can see? There are no photographs of the Great Fire of London, that doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Mozz, if Hamas were dismembering infants, I'd expect to hear about it from the Israelis, very quickly indeed; but I've seen nothing along those lines so far. (Or have I missed it?)

it's very clear that hamas committed war crimes and atrocities against civilians including children which no cause in the world can ever justify. whether or not specific decapitations occurred is not really the point... it is beyond doubt that they committed unspeakable crimes. rape is also very likely.

it's also very clear that the israeli government has done the same thing in a different way and continues to do it to detainees, including noncombatants and children. neither of them should be excused or dismissed under any circumstances.

this is two organisations which deploy terror tactics fighting it out with huge numbers of civilians caught in the crossfire. at present they are both as bad as each other.

Please see my new thread;

Hamas apologists; think harder!

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The Face Of Hamas Rapists

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