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Twelve Hours?

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douglas9401 | 19:36 Mon 27th May 2024 | News
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Half a day investigating a non-fatal collision?

Come on guys, some of us have work to do.



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I'm not sure what point you are making here?

Doug's point Andy is "why close the road for 12 hours"

Doesn't look a busy road. May not have inconvenienced many.

I'm not sure what point you are making here? - well I am glad there is another soul Andy doesnt understand.

um - seems sensible to me - NGO ( er non governmental org) where an event has resulted in a hospital admission and the fire blazed on.

The fire service inquiry to its non action over the Arena bomb was slow slow, slow by comparison. 

if the accident was driver error, then it is career-finishing. oo-er Mrs !


they might suspect the van was carrying illegal substances of some sort (was it heading away from the coast?)

It's strange how other countries have different priorities, In New Zealand their first priority is to get the road re-opened, investigations come later. 

the New Zealand rule of thumb is that wherever you may be going, there's probably only one road, so it's best kept open and sweep up the dead sheep later...

Is that the missing Sturgeon/Murrell/SNP van? If it is, it will be a criminal scene, so a lot of tape and tents will be needed - and the twelve hours .

well if the scots nats need a campaign bus there is one sort of ready made ( bought).

but what lie should be on the side - "You KNOW SN govt is for the people!" - With  independence, you will  all  be  much richer! ( starting with the high ups)

If the nearest fire engine to Skye is at Inverness how do they manage to keep the fire burning until it arrives?🙄

Kindling Dave, and lots of effort to ensure the fire-fighters feel useful.

a fren' attracted an investigation on how he handled a fire...and that was the end of his career in the fire service.

So bad no one cd ask (handled badly) was all we got

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Twelve Hours?

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