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Angelina and Brad

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claireyfairy | 18:15 Thu 12th Jan 2006 | News
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I'm feeling pretty opinionated today and this one has been getting on my nerves for months. Why in the name of all that is holy is angelina jolie with brad pitt?!?!?! And now she's having his baby! The woman who once said that she would never have children of her own because there are already too many children out there deprived of love that it would be selfish is procreating with a man who is quite frankly no where near to being on her level (i was going to say "beneath her" but i can imagine the smutty comments!). What is happening in the world?!?!


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what is happening is she is getting on with her OWN life in her own way! - what has this to do with you? Why are you letting it get on your nerves for months?

If you want to ask the qustion "what is happening in the world?" - There are a lot more serious things happening in the world to ask it about than AJ's love life!

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AJ?! - u know her personaly do you? ***************

Well lots of things might have happened to make her change her mind about having her own child. She may have become accidentally pregnant and not wish to have a termination for obvious reasons, or she may have simply had a change of heart.My personal view of children is that having a baby with a person you love, immortalises that love in the most amazing way. It's a really wonderful feeling when your own child is born and there is nothing on earth to equal it.Perhaps she has now found the man that's right for her, whatever your opinions of him may be, and perhaps she just wants to enjoy her life in a different way now.Relax and be happy for them.

I'm interested to know though quite why you hate Brad Pitt so much, I mean he's not a serial killer is he?

People's opinions change, evolve, and alter depdning on their experience.

Perhaps AJ never thought she would meet a man she wanted to have a child with, and now she has.

It's human nature - celebs are subject to it just as much as the rest of us.

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it's not that i hate him its just there's something about him which i know most women apparently don't agree with. I'm all for people falling in love and stuff and yeah good luck to em but i still think she's nuts!
I was asking mainly actually because my wife can't stand him either she says he's ugly and talentless!Never met another woman who didn't think he was a God.
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nox - well there you go now there's two of us! My mum can't stand him either apparently!
Have no great opinion either way on Brad Pitt, but wasn't Angelina with Billy Bob Thornton before, and surely anyone's a step up from that...


I typed AJ because I couldn't be bothered to type out her name, not as a nickname!!

If you think that's an attempt to claim some kind of 'inner knowledge' then that just shows how ****************


"Why in the name of all that is holy is Angelina Jolie doing with Brad Pitt?"

It might have a lot to do with him being a rather handsome chap.

And, for goodness sake, does it matter? Joko's response seems to be the only down to earth one so far - everyone chooses and it has nothing to do with anyone else no matter what the public opinion is..
This is not News, heaven help us.
Brad is a lucky duck!!! But he better be careful as Angie is Bisexual or she may run off with her brother again.....ewwwwwwwwww !
Claireyfairy asked a civillised question and therefore deserves to be treated with respect by being given a civil answer. It baffles why some people wander into questions to insult people asking legitimate questions.Isn't the ethos of Answerbank itself to provide information on a particular subject from which you have some knowledge and also to discuss points of interest ? It seems to me that Claireyfairy has acted in accordance with the guidelines of Answerbank unlike the ever increasing numbers who wish to share bizarre sexual fantasies or have a bitching session. To be honest , I am more offended by seeing posts about explicit sex or taboo subjects but I choose to deal with them in the best way I see fit - I ignore them. If you do not deem this question as news foxy.fagin , I am intrigued as to why you felt the need to not only take time to view the question and subsequent answers but to comment on them as well ! This was obviously important enough to Claireyfairy to want to post this question and I feel that it is unfair to show such little repect for her. In answer to your question Claireyfairy , to reiterate points made in other answers , people change. It's as simple as that. When I was in my teens I used to say that children were horrible , smelly little creatures who ruin all of your good clothes by vomiting on you or wetting you and that I would never have any. Needless to say , the fact that I am a mother of three speaks volumes. My feelings changed when I met my hubby , fell in love and the rest as they say is history.
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i think because she's really into children she now fully appreciates the "special bond" she'll have with the father of her own children - just a change of heart.

I do feel a bit sorry for Jennifer Anniston though, because I seem to remember that she had a miscarriage a couple years ago, can anyone shed light on this or am I mixing up my celebrity goss?

As a regular reader of Heat magazine, I can't remember ever reading anything about a miscarraige. In fact, according to the gossip rags, their marriage failed because he wanted kids and she didn't.

I am profoundly ashamed that I read Heat by the way. It's an addiction that I am working to break.

I don't feel that it's my place to judge either of them as I don't actually know them personally, and couldn't possibly comment on Brad Pitt being "beneath" Angelina as I have never actually met either of them.

Give them my regards when you next see them.
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Foxy.fagin - Pseudo psychology lectures ? Aside from the fact that I do take a keen interest in studying Psychology , I was not delivering any form of lecture. Contrary to what you may believe , I was doing what others have done on this post - stating an opinion. Having been offline for several months , I have only recently returned to AB and have noted the changes - not all for the best. Perhaps I just have hazy memories of the good ole days of AB when people treated others with dignity and respect and did not feel the need to criticise others for what they deemed to be an unworthy post. To quote you "This is not news , heaven help us." (This is your opinion - not a fact.) Actually , the media welcome celebrity gossip because the majority of people LIKE hearing about the lives of their idols. Indeed , there is usually a 'feelgood' story in the papers each day to detract from the grittier headlines which seem to dominate the headlines and shock us to the core even more. I for one welcome them as a light relief from the deviants I seem to be reading about more and more.

"I replied that I agreed with joko's answer." Did I miss that? As far as I can tell from your answer you only said that his answer was the most down to earth so far.

"I didn't like tthe way Claireyfairy wrote joko off". May I draw your attention to the first answer "...... What has this to do with you ? ......" The reply which she gave sounded to me more tongue-in-cheek rather than being nasty. Thank you for your kind offer of a high horse but I find that I can't keep my balance for very long so it would lie gathering dust in the corner of the attic. May I return the favour by suggesting that you scour Ebay for a large portion of humble pie to chew on.

Have we all forgotten befor we go accusing claireyfairey of being opinionated that we are using a forum based on giving people your opinion,.You people answer questions every day that have nothing to do with you, you become famous in the film industry because you want to, if they didnt want people to have an opinion they would be doctors or beauticians or bass players in bands. Lots of things that shouldnt annoy us do, give claireyfairy a break god dammit. I swear the people on hear are like a pack of wolves.

I find it irritating that they were obviously having an affair, and how can he adopt her children as well after such a supposedly short time of being together. I must admit there is no charm to there relationship, which is why it irritates some people.

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Angelina and Brad

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